What A Le’Veon Bell/Jamal Adams Trade Would Signal for the New York Jets’ Future

Le'Veon Bell

The 2019 NFL trade deadline almost became one of the most gut-wrenching days in New York Jets history for their fans. Entering the day, it was expected for receiver Robby Anderson to follow defensive end, Leonard Williams, out of Florham Park, NJ. Instead, reports swirled of running back Le’Veon Bell and safety Jamal Adams also being on the market. The idea of two of the franchise’s top players being traded was the low point of what has been a disappointing season. The Jets stood pat with their team, as Adams and Bell have continued to lead the team through a tough season. Yet fans can only wonder how long the two might be in Gotham Green.

Early on Tuesday, it was said the idea of them being traded will be revisited this off-season. Adams’ status is currently unknown with an ankle injury that might even hold him out the rest of the season. Whereas Bell was seen bowling Saturday night, despite coming off of the flu that was keeping him from playing Sunday.

With head coach Adam Gase‘s disappointment in saying Bell’s bowling is a “bad optic,” rumors are once again swirling about him being traded. There are a lot of holes on this team to fix, but Bell and Adams are future locks for two of them… whether they play premiere positions or not. So what exactly would an Adams and/or Bell trade this offseason signal for the team’s future?

How a Le’Veon Bell/Jamal Adams Trade Will Affect the New York Jets

1A. Running Back Le’Veon Bell Traded

Suitors- Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles

With Gase’s offense not revolving around a specific running back, it does not make sense to have so much money going Bell’s way. Additionally, general manager Joe Douglas comes from Baltimore Ravens routes, which is built off of building in the trenches, with the running back position coming near last. It makes more sense to see Bell being on the move this off-season than Adams.

That being said, the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, and Philadelphia Eagles make the most sense as suitors. All three have running backs coming off of their payrolls and are in win-now situations. With all three having the quarterback of their future, it makes sense to add elite talent to their offense.

For Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, it adds a next-level threat to their offense. However, an obstacle for them will be the monster contract Mahomes will be receiving this off-season. The same can be said for Deshaun Watson in Houston. Yet the idea of adding Bell in the backfield with their quarterback might be too good to pass up. Philadelphia could make the most sense, with a lot of money coming off the books and Carson Wentz already locked up long term.

With the Eagles having a pick in almost every round, they certainly have the ability to make a move. Additionally, Douglas comes straight from the Eagles and has strong connections there still. The Jets will not get a first-round pick for Bell but could get a second to third-round pick and potentially more.

1B. Safety Jamal Adams Traded

Suitors- Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns

Jamal Adams and the Jets could be heading for an ugly breakup. The fans do not want to see him go, he does not want to go, but the team will listen if the right offer comes their way. And who might offer that?

The Dallas Cowboys desperately need a game-changing leader and safety in their secondary. During the draft deadline, they aggressively tried to acquire the former LSU Tiger but failed. Not to mention, Adams has mentioned he would be open to playing in Dallas. What might hold them back though are the potential extensions to quarterback Dak Prescott, receiver Amari Cooper, cornerback Byron Jones, or defensive end Demarcus Lawrence.

The Oakland Raiders have emerged from the bottom of the league and now have a promising future ahead of them. Led by running back Josh Jacobs on offense, to add a leader like Jamal Adams on defense would be a match made in heaven for Jon Gruden for his new Las Vegas team. The Cleveland Browns are star-studded and need to make some moves this off-season. Imagine having Baker Mayfield leading one unit and Adams another.

No matter where Adams is to end up, he will net an entire draft haul. Starting with a first-round pick, numerous second-round picks, and/or an offensive lineman could come New York’s way.

2. The Haul

With the potential trade of both players, the Jets would be one of the controlling teams of the 2020 NFL Draft. It is very possible their draft begins with four picks within the first two rounds. This would certainly give Douglas enough to begin to build in the trenches. With the Jets having one of the worst offensive lines in the league, it will take multiple signings in free agency in addition to selections in the draft to fix the mess.

Not to mention, the team desperately needs receivers, edge rushers, and cornerbacks. And if Adams and Bell were to be traded, that means Gang Green adds running back and strong safety to the search. With all the picks now in the draft, Douglas would finally have the means to build this team his way.

3. The Coaching Staff

Gase will be the Jets head coach next season. Former coach Todd Bowles would still be under contract, and the Jets are not firing Gase and ultimately have three head coaches on their payroll. Say Douglas revamps this team, there is no chance Gase will be fired before his contract is up. Outside of quarterback Sam Darnold, the entire team around him would have been wiped and replaced. It will take time for Gase to implement his system as well as build chemistry. Douglas’ picks will need time to develop with Gase coaching them before any future coaching decisions can be made.

Thus, either one being traded will mean Gase-haters be prepared for years of him leading the Jets into battle.

4. The Roster

Darnold is going to be the franchise quarterback under the Gase-Douglas regime. That especially will be true if these trades happen. With the entire roster having issues, to have a quarterback in place is a blessing. The team has players such as wide receiver Jamison Crowder, tight ends Chris Herndon and Ryan Griffin, as well as linebackers CJ Mosley and Blake Cashman amongst a handful of others locked up for a few more years. Yet the overall lack of talent and depth will continue to haunt this roster until the draft picks from the 2020 draft develop into full-time starters. And that is something they must do in order for this sell-all to be a success.

5. The Fans

This is the last and most painful part of the possible Bell/Adams trade. Bell has been taken in by all Jets fans whether they agree with paying him a premium or not. His veteran leadership and skill have been welcomed, and the same for Adams since he was drafted. Likely heading for a second Pro Bowl appearance in two years, Adams is due for a huge payday. Yet the Jets are willing to listen to offers for their face of the franchise.

Adams and Bell are the two most talented players on the roster. To trade them would resemble the Jets’ return to irrelevancy. Furthermore, the latest gut punch to the team’s fans. It will show yet another rebuild and how the team continues to see its best players in their prime elsewhere. This will leave fans to wonder when the team will finally piece together these players to win at MetLife Stadium.

Last Word on What a Le’Veon Bell/Jamal Adams Trade Would Signal For The New York Jets Future

Rebuilding, touching-up, reconstructing, the New York Jets will continue to do so until it is done right. By trading stars Le’Veon Bell/Jamal Adams, it will be the latest example of them trying to tear down the team to attempt to fix it. The fans will have to say a heartbreaking goodbye to its two best players. As well as face a Miami Dolphins scale rebuild, except the only position that is safe being quarterback thanks to Sam Darnold. Now, this is all hypothetical, but with each passing week towards the off-season, trade rumors will only continue to grow until the Jets chose against trading them, or the “Breaking News” alert pops up on cell phones across the country.

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