Under Further Review Season 2 Episode 9 – Raindrops on Roses

NFL Takeaways

Welcome to Under Further Review, the show where two lushes (Andrew Lemieux and Kata Stevens) get drunk on sports! Julie Andrews, we apologize in advance. For all the bad things that happen in the NFL, there are at least 10 little great things that make the NFL amazing. Join us as we attempt to put a smile on your face by imagining our favorite things about football. Also, Andrew got whupped by a child in fantasy football! All this and more on this week’s episode of Under Further Review!

UFR S2 E9 – Raindrops on Roses

Part 1:

Part 1- Because our mailbag is bone dry, Andrew and Kata discuss the NFL’s “100 Greatest Characters” list, and ponder who might be on the “100 Greatest Game Changers” list. (2:34-13:02)

Part 2:

Part 2- In light of Kata’s comments last week on the atrocious ending to Monday Night Football, Andrew does his best Julie Andrews and reminds us all of his favorite little things that make the NFL great. With music! (14:34-30:14)

Part 3:

Part 3- Kata talks about what it’s like to be in six fantasy football leagues (30:53-43:22), Andrew talks about losing fantasy to an 11-year old (43:25-47:40), and Kata makes a call to action for female sportswriters (47:50-50:33).

This Week on Social Media…

Stay tuned to our Instagram Live! Kata will be paying the price for losing a bet to Andrew, in which she bet the New York Giants would cover the spread against the New England Patriots. The punishment has been pushed to a later date unknown, but keep your eyes peeled!

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