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Momentum Is Wearing Green and Yellow

The Green Bay Packers have an instilled look of confidence after a 4-1 start to the season that has them beaming with momentum moving forward.
Green Bay Packers Momentum

The Green Bay Packers are 4-1 after a thrilling win against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday creating sustained momentum in 2019 after five weeks. The last time they were 4-1  was 2017 and the following week the Packers lost Aaron Rodgers to a collarbone injury.

2018 was a disastrous season that saw an injured Rodgers hobble on one leg and still put up crazy numbers other teams would love to have with their quarterback.

There were moments where you think this team might turn it around, but a loss to the Arizona Cardinals at home would usher in a new era in Green Bay.

Former head coach Mike McCarthy was canned. Enter new head coach Matt LaFleur, and here we are at 4-1.

The Green and Yellow Offense is Starting to Set the Tone

Now, it’s nothing new for a Rodgers-led team to have a great start to the season, but something’s different this season. You could point to the defense with the “Super Smith Bros.” Za’Darius Smith and Preston Smith are certainly having an instant impact.

Having an elite defense that’s generating pressure and creating takeaways has been rare up in Green Bay.

But we know that the offense needs to put up points to win games — a very Captain Obvious statement, but one that’s true. You may believe in “defense wins championships” and it certainly did in last year’s Super Bowl but you should start to believe in the momentum this team is creating on offense, as well.

The Green Bay Packers are Competing in 2019

To start the season, not many experts had Green Bay even competing for the division crown in the NFC North — in which they have a two-game lead over. It’s hard to create momentum when everyone stacks up against you, but what is a sport without some adversity, right?

They went into Chicago and put on a defensive clinic to start the season, they took care of Minnesota, beat a bad Denver Broncos team and fell just short against a really good Philadelphia Eagles team — despite some questionable playcalling in the red zone.

Then, there was the Dallas Cowboys game.

You might as well name AT&T Stadium “Lambeau Field West” due to Rodgers undefeated record in that stadium that started in 2010 after winning Super Bowl XLV. Despite not throwing a single touchdown — mainly because of Aaron Jones‘ four-touchdown performance, hello — Rodgers looked comfortable as ever in the pocket.

Not a single Rodgers throw had any danger of being picked off except one that hit a Dallas helmet in the red zone that found its way to ground safely. Rodgers said afterward that this is the most comfortable he’s felt in a game.

Again, he didn’t throw a single touchdown and had no problems moving up and down the field.

Not to mention, he carved up a Dallas defense without top wideout Davante Adams. Now, look, the offense still has some growing pains to go through which has caused the talk of whether or not the Packers should trade for a veteran receiver.

We’ll know if Gutekunst and LaFleur believe in this receiving corp as the weeks go along, which will also bring back Adams sooner than later after dealing with turf toe. But despite the internal problems that still need sorting out, the Green Bay Packers have momentum.

The Packers Have the Look of a Super Bowl Championship Team

Momentum can be a very scary thing for opposing teams. Think back to their Super Bowl run that saw them play three road games (Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago) and come away with convincing wins in all three that ended with a Super Bowl championship after defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This team of just a few seasons ago (and last year their only road win came against the New York Jets in overtime) would have lost these two road games so far. A play here and there and this Packers team could easily be 2-2 or worse to start the season.

But they’re 4-1 because of confidence that leads into momentum. A heightened Rodgers should spell bad news for the rest of the league. The defense consists of ballhawks and defenders in your face while the offense with Adams and Jones can beat you a number of ways.

Momentum is wearing green and yellow for the first time in a long, long time for the Green Bay Packers. This could be the start of a special season that, perhaps, no one saw coming.

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