Miami Dolphins Creative Offense: The Way to Score More Points

Miami Dolphins Creative Offense

At halftime of the Week Two matchup with the New England Patriots, the Miami Dolphins trailed 13-0. The defense was putting up a valiant effort, but the offense was inept. This forced the defense to be on the field for a large portion of the first half in the sweltering South Florida heat. To give the defense a fighting chance in future games, offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea and the Miami Dolphins must get creative to get the offense moving.

How to Jumpstart the Miami Dolphins Offense

The Dolphins currently rank in the bottom three in points, yards, passing yards, and rushing yards. They are gaining an average of 192 yards per game while putting up 10 points in two games. That is no way to protect a defense who flashed its ability in the first half. With a weak offensive line, it will be hard to get the running game going. This is why the Miami Dolphins must get creative to get the offense moving and convert more third downs.

When looking at the offensive personnel, there are a few players who’s skillset allows for more innovation. The players that immediately stick out are Jakeem GrantAlbert Wilson, and Kenyan Drake.

The Way to Score More Points

Grant is an intriguing player because of his speed and big-play ability after the catch. Instead of taking five to seven-step drops, the Dolphins should prioritize quick patterns to Grant in space. A way to do this is getting him in motion to allow for a head start against the defensive back and also allow the quarterback to read the defense and decipher the soft spot in the defense. Moving him around the field whether it is on the outside, the slot, or in the backfield, makes the defense key him, possibly opening up other receivers. The quick passes will neutralize the pass rush and keep the Dolphins in manageable third downs, instead of third and long. This will improve the Dolphins current terrible third-down conversation rate of 20 percent, extending drives and giving the defense a break.

Wilson, who missed the Week Two game, has a similar skill set but has a bigger build. The same should be said for Wilson as Grant but due to his bigger build, giving him some carries as a running back should be considered. Wide receiver screen passes also allow Wilson to use his build and speed to get downfield and potentially break tackles.

Drake, as a running back, adds great elusiveness, vision, and catching ability. Getting him in space with quick swing passes and screen passes should get the offense moving. Creating passing plays, as an extension of the run, is important to put the offense in a better position.

Last Word

These quick patterns and throws will not only put the offense in a more manageable down and distance. It will decrease sacks and bring the safety’s closer to the line of scrimmage. That is when intermediate and deep shots should be taken through five to seven-step dropbacks or play action. Big body receivers such as Preston Williams, DeVante Parker, and Mike Gesicki could excel from the single coverage and space.

O’Shea needs to better utilize the skillset of his players and neutralize the offensive line play to help the defense out and convert more third downs.

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