The Kickoff: Ezekiel Elliott and Jared Goff Get Major Extensions

Jared Goff

On the regular-season debut of The Kickoff, Host Harry Broadhurst, Brandon Biskobing, Erik Watkins and Jason Teasley present their irreverent look at the worlds of the National Football League and college football mixed in with the wit and ridiculousness you’ve come to expect. Headlines for this episode: Ezekiel Elliott and Jared Goff make bank, mascots get in on the action and even the Miami Dolphins promotional department is last in the NFL.

Long-time favorite segments are all included. Studs and Duds, So That Happened, Get it Together and Are You Serious return. While the Buy or Sell segment has been rebranded as “I’ve Got a Question.” This helps make the topics more open-ended. Also, in place of the Homers, the guys introduce “I’m A Survivor”, a survivor pool style straight up prediction eliminator.

PODCAST: Jared Goff and Ezekiel Elliot Get Paid

About The Kickoff

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to The Kickoff with Harry Broadhurst, Erik Watkins, Jayson Teasley, Brandon Biskobing, and producer Sean Garmer. This is not your traditional football show. Rather than breaking down every single game, we give you all the must-know information in a debate-style. While encouraging each other to speak their minds. Whether right, wrong or just plain crazy.

Host: Harry Broadhurst

Harry Broadhurst is a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan based out of Youngstown, Ohio. In addition, he also enjoys torturing himself by watching tons of Reality TV and listening to pop music. When he’s not watching the Bills on Sunday’s, you’ll find him rooting on his beloved Florida Gators on Saturdays as well.

Co-Host: Jayson Teasley

Jason Teasley, the man, the myth, the legend, in his own mind. A lifelong New York Giants fan, Fantasy football junkie and the residential evil ginger that brings his insights and opinions whether warranted or not.

Co-Host: Erik Watkins

This lifelong Jacksonville Jaguars fan started out with watching games and staying up late for Sunday and Monday night. It spread to college, and eventually just about every single sport in the book. By the time he graduated from college, all his friends and family thought Erik would be better off as a sportswriter. Perhaps a journalist, or a commentator than anything to do with math (boy were they right). So, after wandering around with a degree and looking for a job, he started a blog. The blog turned into some freelance work. After that, work led him right here talking about the game that he loves.

Co-Host: Brandon Biskobing

A longtime lover of all things New York, including the New York Yankees and New York Giants, Brandon graduated Seton Hall University and went into broadcasting. Since then, he’s then been in the booth for all sorts of different sports. The crew is always glad he can take the time to spout off his opinions and knowledge about the game of football each week on The Kickoff.

The Producer: Sean Garmer

Sean studied Journalism at the University of North Texas and was born in Arkansas. Thus his favorite college team is the Arkansas Razorbacks. However, all of his professional football loves come from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where he spent 20 years of his life. So, that means he is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. An avid fan of watching football game film, learning about the history of the NFL, and just an all-around lover of the game. Most of his professional writing comes from spending years covering soccer in various forms, but he’s also covered football, wrestling, and video games as well.

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