Keys to the Atlanta Falcons Off-Season

Falcons Off-Season

After a year of disappointment, the Atlanta Falcons enter the off-season without that many needs, again. But too often we have been down this road over the years. So how do we break the curse of failing to finish or break the barriers and make it to the promised land, aka winning the Super Bowl? We came close in 2016 but I don’t need to remind anyone how that ended. Anyways, I digress.

Even if the team doesn’t have many needs there is always room for improvement. How though? How does this team make all the jumps forward that has been expected of them to do so?

Well, I’m glad you ask because I lay down what the team needs to improve on next season in order to find success.

Keys to the Atlanta Falcons Off-Season

Get to the Quarterback

Too often, the Falcons have come up short in this area. After having the league’s leader in sacks in 2016, Vic Beasley has seemingly fallen off the map since then. From all regards it looks like a one-year wonder performance from him, making you wonder if it’s time to get someone else to fill in for him. The answer is yes.

Beasley is a fine player in a rotational role but with his contract soon expiring, the team should begin the search for his replacement. Luckily for them, this year’s draft is chock-full of them.

Addressing the need may not be what some fans want, especially at 14th overall. But if the value is there, take it. Players such as Brian Burns could be a game-changing player for this whole defense. And the team picks right about where his value is projected at. I detailed part of Burns game back in October, check it out here!

Other players such as Charles Omenihu, Montez Sweat, or Christian Miller could be a reliable option in round two as well.

It’s All in the Trenches

You know what they say, games are won in the trenches. And the Falcons need to shore up both the interior defensive and offensive lines.

Adding another guard to the offensive line will help keep Matt Ryan clean and boost the run game in the process. On the other side of the ball, adding another player to work with Grady Jarrett and Deadrin Senat would benefit the whole line.

Overall Team Consistency

Over any issue listed above, the team’s biggest problem last year was consistency. Whether that be throughout the season or in a specific game the team hit hot and cold streaks with what looked like no in-between at times.

Understandably, the team had a drop off in play after losing major starters to injuries. But from there the team struggled to take steps in the right direction with the ‘next man up’ mentality.

With the coaching changes that have happened so far, the team looks to add stability to the locker room. Having three former head coaches on one team could add a sense of improvement and strengthening of the brotherhood for the Falcons.

Last word

While adding talent to the offensive and defensive line should be a key objective this off-season, the team also needs improvement and leadership from its veterans. Making Dan Quinn defensive coordinator as well as head coach should show in the on-field play. After having one of the league’s worse defenses last season the team should bounce back, taking necessary steps forward.

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