Looking Ahead: Who Could Be the New York Jets Coach in 2019?

New York Jets Coach

Following a 41-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 10, the question for the New York Jets no longer seems to be “will” Todd Bowles be fired, but “when”. All phases of the game seemed to be out of sync for Gang Green, and sloppiness has become a common theme of the 2018 campaign. The calls to fire Todd Bowles are no longer reserved for the radical fans. Instead, a consensus is emerging that a change needs to be made. If ownership decides to make a change, here are some names who could be coaching the Jets in 2018.

Who Could Be the Next New York Jets Coach?

Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo

John DeFilippo is the current offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings and former quarterbacks coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is known as one of the most promising offensive minds on the market and would be a welcome shift from the defensive-minded Bowles. Minnesota currently ranks 14th in total offense in 2018, a solid number. Yet what may be DeFilippo’s most impressive feat was his ability to develop Carson Wentz and help guide Nick Foles to a Super Bowl MVP performance. DeFilippo will be a highly sought-after candidate in the off-season, but landing him could do wonders for the Jets offense, and specifically the development of Sam Darnold.

Tennessee Titans Offensive Coordinator Matt Lafleur

Sticking with the trend of offensive coordinators, Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Matt Lafleur could also be a strong candidate for the Jets. Lafleur served as the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams in 2017. The Rams would go on to finish top 10 in total offense, and Lafleur headed out to Tennessee for the 2018 season in pursuit of a more substantial role. While Tennessee is ranked near the bottom of the list in terms of 2018 total offense, Lafleur’s innovative play designs, and work with Marcus Mariota, should ensure that he is a strong candidate among teams looking to find a new head coach for 2019.

Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy

Andy Reid is widely touted as one of the most innovative minds in football. While coaches around the league scramble to emulate his fast-paced offensive style, the Jets could take a shortcut and hire a member of the Reid coaching tree. While the Kansas City Chiefs‘ command of the number two total offense in the NFL can largely be attributed to Reid, Eric Bieniemy has still been pivotal in ensuring the unit runs smoothly. A former NFL running back, Bieniemy would surely be a coach players would rally behind, which is important as the team continues to establish a strong sense of unity and leadership.

Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

John Harbaugh is a Super Bowl winning head coach with a 98-71 overall record with the Baltimore Ravens. Still, numerous reports suggest that Harbaugh and the Ravens ownership will mutually part ways in the offseason. This move would be of great interest to the Jets. Unlike the previous two candidates, Harbaugh is a proven head coach with a good track record. There will be very few questions about his leadership and ability to handle the duties of a head coach. Harbaugh’s known prowess for developing quarterbacks will also be a huge bonus when the Jets inevitably review his resume. Overall, Harbaugh is one of the strongest candidates available should he be free to go in the off-season.

Last Word

The New York Jets are almost sure to be in the market for a new head coach when the 2018 season concludes. While there is an abundance of prospective talent around the league, the team would be wise to focus on offensive-minded head coaching candidates. With a young, promising quarterback, as well as an expectedly large cap number, the New York Jets coaching position will be as appealing as ever in 2019.

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