Predicting the Denver Broncos 2018 NFL Draft Picks

Broncos 2018 NFL Draft Picks
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Throughout the off-season, the Denver Broncos have wasted no time on the market, and although their moves have been spread out, they’ve had a huge impact on their roster. That impact could allow them to draft more players than expected within the next couple weeks. After the team released Jamaal Charles and C.J. Anderson, for example, the Broncos then acquired Su’a Cravens from the Washington Redskins. This not only allowed them to get a younger player on the defensive side, it also allowed them to strengthen their team.

Predicting the Denver Broncos 2018 NFL Draft Picks

Their decision to trade Trevor Siemian to the Minnesota Vikings also allowed them to acquire Jared Veldheer from the Arizona Cardinals. With all that said, it’s no wonder why the Broncos draft picks look much more different than they did three weeks ago. So, what’s next for the Broncos? As of right now, it’s hard to tell, but one thing is clear. General manager John Elway is doing his best to facilitate a winning environment, which is what great general managers do, right? With Josh Rosen, Saquon Barkley, Lamar Jackson, and Sam Darnold all in the mix, there’s no telling who the Broncos will go after. Or if they’ll even use their first-round draft pick to grab anyone and instead, trade with another team. That way, they’ll have a better draft pick in the 2019 draft selection, and use their salary to acquire other veteran players.

Draft Picks

Although the Broncos’ next move is hard to predict (especially with the draft around the corner), here’s an updated 2018 draft order:

First Round: fifth overall pick

Second Round: 40th overall pick

Third Round: 71st overall pick

Third Round: 99th overall pick

Fourth Round: 106th overall pick

Fourth Round: 113th overall pick (acquired from the Redskins)

Fifth Round: 149th overall pick (acquired from the Redskins)

Fifth Round: 160th overall pick (acquired from the Rams)

Since the Broncos are now armed with eight picks for the draft –– after trading away their fifth and seventh round picks to the Redskins and Vikings, they’re now in a favorable position. This allows them to draft players without worrying about their salary cap or filling out balance sheets this early in the season to help them determine how much they can spend on each athlete; something Bronco fans haven’t seen in years. If the Broncos didn’t trade their picks away, they would have 10 picks going into the 2018 draft. Of course, the Broncos wouldn’t grab 10 rookies expecting them to start over some of their big-time veterans like Von Miller and Chris Harris.

That would mean about a fifth of their players would lose their starting job. With eight picks, however, the Broncos can take their time and be more flexible with their selection. As the team moves forward, expect to continue seeing trades occur much throughout the off-season. Just keep in mind, not all offers and trades will go through. Some players will remain on the team, and some won’t. The draft is a stressful time for athletes. It’s perhaps the most important time of the year for athletes to practice effective stress management by prioritizing self-care. The pros know how to take care of themselves by taking steps to ensure they’re getting enough sleep and by making space for stress-relieving activities, so they’re well rested and ready to face the next challenge. As most fans know, NFL players are human too and although they’re immune to hits, they aren’t immune to stress. That’s because stress has the ability to push people over the edge, and causes them to react differently.

The NFL, in particular, is a sport that doesn’t allow athletes to showcase weakness, which means for rookies, their ticket to success all comes down to their physical and mental demeanor. With the fear of uncertainty, however, it’s understood why so many athletes succumb to the pressure of stress. Whatever happens, though expect the Broncos to make moves that will get them back to the Super Bowl.

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