Green, Gold and Bold: Green Bay Packers Week 16 Podcast

Week 16 Green Bay Packers Podcast

This week, Jonathan Barnett brings you the Green Bay Packers Week 16 Podcast solo. With Christmas upon us, Jonathan gave Aaron Flottum the week off.  It was a good thing too; regular listeners will know Aaron is living behind enemy lines in Minnesota. This is a tough loss, close to home.

Green, Gold and Bold: Green Bay Packers Week 16 Podcast

The Game

The Packers gave a lackluster offensive performance. For the second time this season, the Packers were shut out. Brett Hundley managed to continue a miserable streak of throwing zero touchdown passes at home.

The Minnesota Vikings scored on their first possession. By the end of the first quarter, the Vikings led 10-0.  The remaining three quarters were a 6-0 affair. The Packers drove the ball down the field and penetrated the Vikings red zone just before the end of the first half. Then, Hundley threw an interception on a third and three from the Vikings 15.

In the second half the Vikings managed one long drive, leading to a second field goal. The Packers pushed into the Vikings red zone again, but failed to walk away with points. On third down and three, Lance Kendricks dropped a sure first down. Then, on fourth down from the 13 yard line, Hundley threw an incomplete pass intended for Michael Clark in the end zone. This was the last scoring threat.

The Packers ended up turning the ball over on downs in field goal range late in the game to give the Vikings their final score.

The Breakdown

The defense did not ruin this game. Scoring zero points did that. The Packers actually out-gained the Vikings. Getting into the red zone twice and getting no points is the key figure of this game. At the end of the half, Hundley threw an interception. That cost the Packers a minimum of three points, maybe seven. A 10-7 game at half time, with the Packers just scoring and getting the ball to start the second half, is a different game.

Injuries were also a key part of this game. While the Vikings lost Sam Bradford, he is a journeyman who teams keep trading away. Case Keenum has been just as good. The Vikings lost Dalvin Cook, but still have the running back they chased in free agency, Latavius Murray.  For the Packers, they entered the game without Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, Bryan Bulaga, Damarious Randall, Clay Matthews and Nick Perry. Then, Jordy Nelson, Jason Spriggs, Josh Jones, Aaron Jones and Richard Rodgers all went down in game. With the game still in doubt, the Packers were relying on Jeff Janis, Trevor Davis and Michael Clark.


Jonathan ended urging Packers fans to remain calm. This is just the second time missing the playoffs in a decade. Expect major changes. The last time the Packers missed the playoffs, Mike McCarthy made a major overhaul to the defensive coaching staff.

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