Josh Gordon Conditionally Reinstated to NFL

On Wednesday, wide receiver Josh Gordon met with National Football League officials. Although he has not played since preseason of 2016, Gordon’s rights still remain in possession of the Cleveland Browns. In terms of “meaningful games,” Gordon has not seen action since the 2014 season. Following his meeting with the league, the NFL decided that Gordon has been reinstated on a conditional basis.

Josh Gordon Conditionally Reinstated to NFL

Impact of Gordon’s Reinstatement

This should actually come as a shock to many. Though Gordon had a breakout year in 2013, he has seen a litany of drug-related suspensions since. With suspensions in college, along with two from the league and one from the Browns themselves, Gordon has barely seen the field since 2014. In 2016, he entered an in-patient rehab facility, and took a leave of absence from the Browns. This was, mind you, just before he applied for his reinstatement last year.

Now, Gordon has been reinstated by the league, hopefully once and for all. From an on-field standpoint, the Cleveland Browns desperately need him. Off the field, they might be able to pass. However, on a team so devoid of talent, Josh Gordon could be something of a defibrillator. Only five years ago, he had an incredible season. If Gordon could be even half as effective now as his 2013 self was, the Browns could be looking at a number one receiver. That is, as long as he can stay on the field. With Gordon’s history, you really never know.

A Final Note

Regardless, it is truly great to see Gordon getting his life back on track. It is not easy to break one’s addiction to drugs, and much less stay away from that addiction. Josh Gordon is likely a great person who simply just lost his way. Getting his reinstatement could truly be life-changing for the man that the Dawg Pound calls the Flash. Seeing him out there on the field, on a consistent basis, will be a treat for Browns fans, and NFL fans as a whole. Congratulations, Josh Gordon.

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