Week Seven Green Bay Packers Keys To Victory

Last week’s 23-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings was more than devastating for the Green Bay Packers. On one hand, they fell to 4-2 and now trail the Vikings in the NFC North. On the other hand, they lost perhaps the best player in the entire NFL in quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay now turns to second string quarterback Brett Hundley to lead the way. It will be a long uphill climb for the Packers without Rodgers, and it starts against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Here are three Packers keys to victory to make Hundley’s debut a victorious one.

Week Seven Green Bay Packers Keys To Victory

1- Establish the Run

What was once expected to be a shootout between two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks now has the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees licking their chops at the opportunity to pile it on against the Packers with little resistance from the Packer offense. That is why it’s crucial for the Packers to keep the ball on their side as much as possible by establishing a running game. Whether that be with Aaron Jones, Ty Montgomery, or both, it is a necessity if the Packers have any hope of winning this football game.

Not only would establishing the run allow the Packers to control time of possession and keep the ball away from Brees, it would also be very beneficial to Hundley by taking pressure off of his shoulders. The run game is going to be incredibly vital for Green Bay if they want to stay alive in the playoff chase with the absence of Rodgers.

2- No Mistakes

With the Packers offense now limited without Rodgers, the one thing they absolutely cannot afford to do is turn the ball over. Losing the turnover battle in a game against one of the all-time greats with a second string quarterback who’s never made an NFL start is a death sentence.

But “no mistakes” isn’t just limited to turnovers. Poor punts, bad returns, critical drops and more are all miscues the Packers cannot afford to make. To win games from here on out, they’ll have to play at a much higher level with Rodgers not there to mask their deficiencies. They don’t have to play a perfect game, but they’ll have to play a more complete game than the Saints, which means avoiding mistakes at all costs.

3- Get Hundley Comfortable Early, Then Open It Up

Brett Hundley has never made an NFL start. That’s about to change this Sunday against the Saints. The Packers need to start with throws they’re confident he can make, and then slowly expand his role throughout the game. A misfire or a turnover could shake his confidence, so starting with higher percentage throws such as screens, slants and hitches are sure to build his confidence.

Hundley has a great arm and showed last week that he had the ability to throw downfield accurately, but he’s not going to come out of the gates firing on all cylinders like Rodgers. Hundley is a talented quarterback that has been overlooked by many, but throwing him into the fire as if he’s Rodgers would be a huge mistake. Slowly working him into the game and letting him settle will be key in building his confidence and will allow for more accurate downfield throws later in the game, when the Packers will most likely need them the most.

The Packers should definitely expect a drop off without Rodgers, but if they can game plan accordingly and play efficient football, they should be able to compete with and even beat the Saints at home.

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