Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Martavis Bryant Requests Trade

Martavis Bryant
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In a week where the Pittsburgh Steelers beat an undefeated team on the road, the talk on Monday morning is somehow going to swing back to dysfunction in the locker room. This team had a Le’Veon Bell hold out. They have had their very own national anthem-gate. They have dealt with Ben Roethlisberger calling out Bell, Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant through the media all since August. On this spin of Days of the Steelers, it is time for Martavis Bryant to crank up the drama as he has requested for the Pittsburgh Steelers to trade the star wide receiver.

Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Martavis Bryant Requests Trade

Bryant is a star wide receiver, but his 2017 statistics do not indicate that. In fact, through six games he has just 17 receptions. He is also only connecting on 50% of his targets from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. This could result in frustration.

Especially because most of these issues do not have to do with him. First, he is losing snaps to JuJu Smith-Schuster. Smith-Schuster has pushed Bryant into the slot more than he has ever been, and has out snapped him in four straight games now. While this has a bit to do with Smith-Schuster being a better blocker, it is clear that Bryant’s past history has this team ready to move on from Bryant after his rookie contract. They can get two more years out of him in whatever capacity they want, but he will not hinder the development of a longer-term plan.

To make matters even worse, on his rare opportunities, he is taking advantage but Roethlisberger continues to miss him. This is the worst Roethlisberger has been throwing down the field in his career. Bryant is a player who typically only impacts the game down the field. If the two are not going to connect here, and he is losing snaps to a rookie he can be looked at as pretty expendable.

Still, with his talent level, and two years of rookie salary, he could drum up a market. Expect the Steelers to at least keep their ears open to any potential offers that may arise with this news.

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