Oakland Raiders Extend Donald Penn: Why It Was Important

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Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie continued to put his money where his mouth was by extending Donald Penn through the 2019 season. The 34-year-old left tackle has been a staple of consistency on the Raiders offensive line for three years now. However some have questioned McKenzie for extending Penn due to his age and his holdout.

To those people I say stop.

Oakland Raiders Extend Donald Penn: Why It Was Important

First, the Raiders are an organization that treats its players like family. And sometimes family members do not always see eye to eye. Penn’s holdout was just that, a family spat. McKenzie choose the wiser approach and did not fine or penalize Penn. However he did put his foot down and made it clear. Show up for work, then we will work on a deal.

Second, by allowing Penn to end his holdout on his own, McKenzie was then able to work a fair deal to allow him to retire a Raider. This speaks volumes to the type of general manager that McKenzie has become, and to the Raiders organization itself. Do your job and you will get taken care of.

Third, it shows the rest of the team that the Raiders will continue to reward good players whenever it’s fiscally possible. It also demonstrates that the organization will be patient, but firm. And it will stand by its word.

McKenzie worked this situation as respectfully and professionally as anyone could have possibly expected and continues to show why the Raiders are being consider more and more as a world class organization.

Now Penn not only gets to retire a Raider, but he also has a legitimate shot at earning a Super Bowl ring. Yes the Raiders are that good, and Penn makes them even better.

Well played Reggie, well played.

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