Jay Cutler To Sign With Miami Dolphins

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On March 9th, Jay Cutler was released by the Chicago Bears. Two months later, he retired and became a FOX Sports analyst, following the paths of many players before him. Almost exactly three months later, the Miami Dolphins are expected to sign Cutler to be their new starting quarterback. The deal is for one year and $10 million but it does contain incentives as reported by Adam Schefter.

Jay Cutler To Sign With Miami Dolphins


A few days ago, quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down with a knee injury. After seeing the video that surfaced, the assumption was that Tannehill would be out for a significant amount of time. Reports came out but there was conflicting news about the seriousness of the injury. When news broke out about Cutler and the Mami Dolphins having mutual interest, the match made sense.


Adam Gase, the second year coach for the Miami Dolphins was previously the offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears. Gase’s last season was in 2015, when Jay Cutler provided the Bears with his best season. Cutler’s interception percentage and quarterback rating were career highs, and he also led the Bears to four comeback wins. He also improved his completion percentage and yards per attempt numbers within Gase’s system.

The feeling around Cutler was retirement wasn’t ideal, but no one wanted him for the price he was asking. This gives Cutler the opportunity to play one more season and also improve his chances for a longer career.

The Dolphins have a significantly better offensive cast than the Bears. Kenny Stills and DeVante Parker are two deep threats that Cutler’s powerful arm can launch throws at. Jarvis Landry has grown to become one of the 20 best wide receivers in the NFL, and that’s selling him short. Running back Jay Ajayi came onto the scene last year and tight end Julius Thomas was traded for the now retired tackle Brandon Albert.

Cutler with the Comeback

This five month rollercoaster ride for Jay Cutler is finally at an end and Cutler should be pleased. Although he almost ended up in a broadcast booth, now he gets to play with his favorite coach in excellent weather. The situation is slightly promising after the ugly news earlier in the week. A fighting chance is better than no chance and with Matt Moore at quarterback, the Dolphins would be closer to the latter.

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