Montravius Adams: the Most Scrutinized Rookie for the Green Bay Packers

When you are a rookie that plays for the Green Bay Packers there are a lot of expectations. Packers general manager Ted Thompson is a staunch believer in the draft and develop theory. Unlike other NFL teams that don’t believe in this line of thinking, the Packers depend on rookies making immediate contributions. This year’s draft class will be no different, but there might be one rookie who might be under the microscope more than others: Montravius Adams.

Montravius Adams: the Most Scrutinized Rookie for the Green Bay Packers

The Packers top pick, cornerback Kevin King, might be the most logical choice for fans to pick when it comes to which rookie will be asked to perform immediately. The Packers no doubt will lean heavily on King this coming season, especially with how poorly the Packers cornerbacks played down the stretch last season. But the rookie that might be under the most pressure is Adams, a defensive tackle selected in the third round.

The reason that Adams might be the most watched rookie for the Packers isn’t because of his draft status or his ability, but because of the position he plays and the person that selected him. Thompson has done a nice job selecting wide receivers, safeties, and most recently offensive tackles, but one position that Thompson has struggled drafting is defensive linemen. Thompson has selected defensive linemen like Justin Harrell, Josh Boyd, and Datone Jones, hoping one or all would be core players on the Packers defensive line. Unfortunately for Thompson and the Packers, they failed to do so.

Thompson did hit on standout defensive tackle Mike Daniels when he selected him in the fourth round of the 2012 draft. The Packers did have success when B.J. Raji manned the nose tackle position. But there have been more misses than hits. Last year’s first round pick, defensive tackle Kenny Clark, played well down the stretch last season for the Packers, but the jury is still out on him. Adams is the only defensive lineman selected by Thompson in this year’s draft, making the pressure even more for the rookie out of Auburn.

Adams has all the tangibles to be a standout player in the Packers 3-4 defense. He possesses the size (6’4″, 304 pounds) and athletic ability (4.81 40-yard dash) to contribute right away. He also was a standout last season for Auburn and before that, he was a five star recruit coming out of high school. But with Thompson’s checkered history in drafting defensive linemen, it isn’t a for sure bet he will be a factor for the Packers, this coming season or throughout his career.

Adams himself will be a factor for how well he performs, but a lot of his performance will hinge on what Packers defensive line coach Mike Trgovac can get out of the athletic rookie who registered four sacks last season at Auburn. Adams will be helped out by playing next to Daniels and Clark and the addition of Ricky Jean-Francois this off season will give Adams some time to develop. But Adams won’t be given a free pass to sit and develop this season. Adams will need to show that he is ready to make the jump and make that jump quickly. Adams has a lot of history against him, but it will be up to him to finally show naysayers that Thompson is capable of finding defensive linemen who can contribute.

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