Brad Kaaya 2017 NFL Draft Profile

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Position: Quarterback
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 215 pounds
School: Miami Hurricanes

Brad Kaaya 2017 NFL Draft Profile

Many analysts had touted Brad Kaaya as one of the top quarterback prospects available back in the pre-season. But an inconsistent junior year has seen him fall as far as the third round in recent mock drafts.

Kaaya completed 62 percent of his passes for 3,532 yards in 2016. Throwing 27 touchdowns and only seven interceptions, there is no doubting the accuracy which the former Hurricanes signal caller can throw the ball. When given time and a clean pocket, there are very few passes Kaaya cannot make. Possessing all the necessary tools, Kaaya’s field vision and strong arm make him capable of working through his motions and delivering an accurate ball downfield. This all becomes possible when Kaaya is surrounded by a solid offensive line.

The issue therefore, becomes present when the pocket is less clean. The California native suffers from an unfortunate lack of mobility, both when scrambling and avoiding hits from defensive linemen. Kaaya was sacked 25 times this past season and was guilty of not doing enough to avoid the hits. While Kaaya is able to work through his progressions, his coordination between eyes and feet could be improved when under pressure, often throwing wayward passes when he feels the heat.

The ability to keep his eyes downfield in wake of a pass rush is something any potential suitors will need him to develop, should Kaaya seek a successful NFL career. Furthermore, Kaaya’s most impressive year in Miami was without doubt his freshman year in 2014, where he was equipped with a strong offensive line. However, playing under pressure is critical when it comes to succeeding in the NFL and there is not always the guarantee that Kaaya will have a strong line to protect him.


  • the ability to make precision passes;
  • strong armed;
  • can work through progressions given a clean pocket;
  • possesses good field vision when given time;
  • better than average deep ball;
  • could develop into a top signal caller;
  • absorbs hits well.


  • poor vision when under pressure;
  • lacks awareness in the pocket;
  • terrible at avoiding hits;
  • lack of mobility a real concern;
  • needs time to develop;
  • lacks leadership.

NFL Comparison: Andy Dalton

Teams With Need at Position: New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens

Projection: Mid second round

Bottom Line

Despite a lack of mobility and awareness hindering Kaaya’s draft stock, there are signs of an encouraging NFL career for Miami’s all-time leader in passing yards. Although Kaaya will not be a first round pick, if he is able to get drafted by a team such as the New York Giants or New Orleans Saints, he can develop his game as a backup. In time, there may be potential for him to take over from an aging quarterback at some point in the future.