Hoping for A Super Super Bowl

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The games this weekend were, well disappointing. There was plenty of time for discussion during the second half of each game about philosophy, the meaning of life, and if the cheese-horseradish dip went better with crackers or those big round tortilla chips.

If you are a betting man, you might be pleased that both teams covered the spread and then some, If you wanted to see a good game, disappointment was all you got besides heartburn from halftime snacks.

Hoping for a Super Super Bowl

You might have gotten a good laugh from the commercial showing Humpty Dumpty puking his guts out, the timely and comedic ad put out by TurboTax. Hopefully, we have more to look forward to in this year’s game than just some funny commercials and a good halftime show, although it’s never dull when Lady Gaga takes the stage.

A Viable Defense

This weekend’s games were not a showcase of champions. Instead, it clearly showed us who belonged in the big game. Aaron Rodgers couldn’t pass his way out of a paper bag, Clearly, the Falcon’s defense showed what they could do to, managing two sacks against the Green Bay Packer’s number one pass protecting offensive line.

The Patriots, who have been sickeningly good despite not having Tom Brady for the first four games, and missing key players at other parts in the season, held Le’Veon Bell to six carries and Antonio Brown to just 77 yards, effectively leaving Ben Roethlisberger with nowhere to go.

The Offensive Battle

Both teams come off of big winning streaks, Atlanta has just one sports championship ever, in any sport. New England is going to their ninth Super Bowl,  seventh with Brady at the helm and Bill Belichick coaching.

Matt Ryan has been stellar, and with Julio Jones, Devin Coleman and Devonta Freeman as offensive weapons, really no surprise. their offense has been stellar, obvious to anyone who has been watching this season.

Tom Brady’s biggest target Sunday? Chris Hogan, who managed nine catches, two touchdowns, and 180 yards. With Julian Edelman drawing much of the attention of the secondary, he may be a target again come Super Bowl Sunday.

The odds are close: at the moment the Patriots are favored by three, but that could change over the next two weeks. The best news though is really for the true fans: the Super Bowl might actually be super this year.