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NHL Rumours: Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers

Welcome to another edition of NHL Rumours! There is so much going on around the league and a lot more to look forward to. The trade deadline is approaching and high profile talents could be on the move. Let the frenzy begin and the fireworks kick off. Todays rumours swirl around the Vancouver Canucks and the Edmonton Oilers.

NHL Rumours

Vancouver Canucks

Rumour: Elliote Friedman on Saturday Night headlines discussed the future of Elias Pettersson

The Vancouver Canucks are a hot item and deservedly so. They are one of the top teams in the league and are getting career years out of numerous players. Vancouver has a high octane offence, with numerous contributors and also stellar goaltending. One player they can thank for this is centre Elias Pettersson.

Pettersson has been a fantastic player for the Canucks and hit the century point mark during the 2022-23 season. Furthermore, he is in the final year of his contract and is having another stellar year. In addition, he is young and entering the prime years of his career. The Canucks have already made a substantial offer to Pettersson but Friedman sheds further light on the situation.

Friedman says that teams are calling about Pettersson, which makes sense with no extension news. A guy like Pettersson easily becomes your franchise centre for the long haul, especially if a deal is done. However, the Canucks are trying to sign him so parting ways seems unlikely. He is an RFA, so the Canucks do hold the cards in place but circle this move on the calendar to monitor.

Edmonton Oilers

Rumour: Elliote Friedman mentions the Edmonton Oilers among the teams showing interest in Jake Guentzel

The next set of NHL Rumours keep us in the Pacific Division. One of the other mighty teams is the Edmonton Oilers. They started from the bottom and now find themselves in prime playoff position. The high octane offence could look to make a big splash move. The player in mind is a premiere goal scorer.

Jake Guentzel is going to be highly coveted at the deadline and rightfully so. He has been a point per game player for the Penguins and has 22 goals and 52 points. With the Penguins looking like they will be fading out of the playoff picture, getting a return for Guentzel makes sense.

Guentzel is going to be a top free agent this upcoming summer and is due a significant raise. Him playing alongside Connor McDavid is a scary thought for the Western Conference and the rest of the league.

Other teams mentioned for Guentzel are Vegas, Carolina, Vancouver, and Florida. There could be a bidding war for his services, so get the popcorn ready.

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