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NHL Rumours: Boston Bruins and Edmonton Oilers

Welcome to another edition of NHL Rumours! Thanksgiving is finally over and there is a lot to be thankful for. Andrei Vasilevskiy made his return to game action and the New Jersey Devils are finally healthy. Also, the Oilers are back (sort of) and Connor McDavid is back to his normal producing self. However, the Rumours today take us elsewhere. Today’s focus is the Boston Bruins and the Edmonton Oilers.

NHL Rumours

Boston Bruins

Rumour: Elliote Friedman on 32 Thoughts mentions the Bruins have poked around Patrick Kane

The Patrick Kane sweepstakes are in full effect and everyone is awaiting the big news. It is expected that a decision will be made in the coming weeks but there is no clear cut decision on where that is. There have been the suspected teams such as the Florida Panthers and Detroit Red Wings but other teams you may not think of have thrown their hat into the ring.

One of those teams is the Boston Bruins. They join division rival Toronto Maple Leafs in entertaining bringing Kane on board. Given the state of the Maple Leafs financially, it does not make sense for them to add Kane. However, Friedman mentions that there could be a fit in Boston.

The Bruins are a good team and are the second best team in the conference. They have a good team and could make a run during the centennial season. Last season was an all in approach and Don Sweeney used draft capital to acquire assets. In this scenario, Kane is a free agent and will cost nothing other than money to lure him in.

Boston has strong goaltending and a good defensive core. However, they could look to add Kane for depth scoring. As they assess their lineup, they could look to themselves and ask’ “Does Kane make us better and what can he bring?”

The biggest issue is depth scoring for the Bruins. The top line and the Charlie Coyle line has been efficient but after that it’s bleak. Adding Kane as a premiere play maker and scorer could be a huge boost for rookie centre Matthew Poitras. Furthermore, it could help get Jake DeBrusk going more. His early season struggles in terms of producing have been glaring but his relentless effort is noticeable.

The Bruins likely will not be able to do anything beyond one year and in the bigger picture of things it doesn’t make sense. However, adding him for one year could be a boost to making the club better upfront. It may be a long shot but worth poking around if you are Boston.

Edmonton Oilers

Rumour: Elliote Friedman sheds light on the Oilers General Manager search

The latest of the NHL Rumours continues to swirl around the Oilers. There are questions that concern the future state of the Edmonton Oilers. Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid have not been shy showing there emotions and frustrations. As of recent, the Oilers fired the head coach and demoted the goalie. They are playing better hockey as of late, which is encouraging. Today focuses on the front office shakeup.

Ken Holland is in the final year of his deal and there is a good chance he is not returning. The moves he has made in his tenure have been questionable and it is time for a new voice. Friedman does comment on who a new voice will be and who won’t be.

Time will tell who will be the new voice but Friedman puts the noise to bed on Dave Gagner being the new manager. In his Headline Segment, Friedman shuts it down and says that it is not true. Furthermore, Gagner himself has mentioned that he has no interest in the position.

The links made sense, as he was a colleague of current CEO Jeff Jackson and is also the father of Sam Gagner. Edmonton will have a new manager search but can pivot from this person.

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