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Philadelphia Flyers Defencemen Gets Suspended

After his hearing, Philadelphia Flyers defencemen Tony DeAngelo will be out of the lineup. After spearing Corey Perry, he has been suspended for the next two games. Not a wise move on his part as tensions were boiling. In a gauntlet of a schedule for the month of March, he will watch from the press box.

Philadelphia Flyers Tony DeAngelo Suspended

There is a time and place for everything. The timing of what DeAngelo did to Perry was not ideal. After a scrum after the whistle, DeAngelo chose violence. Getting absolutely mauled by the entire Lightning crew, he poked the wrong bear. Actions have consequences and he will now be withheld from the lineup. In addition, he received a five-minute major and a game misconduct for his actions.

How This Impacts The Flyers

It is no secret that the Philadelphia Flyers are a bad hockey team. They are in the running for top draft pick Connor Bedard, but it has not been a good year as well for Philadelphia Flyers Tony DeAngelo. After nearly matching his career high in points last year with the Carolina Hurricanes, DeAngelo is nowhere near that rate. He has just ten goals and 34 points for the Flyers, while also sporting a -28. The Flyers are not the best ag defending and are constantly chasing the game, but its been a tough go for DeAngelo.

Tortorella’s Comments

John Tortorella is no stranger to comments and using his words. In addition to the play itself, he had his own words on the matter. In the video above, Tortorella says, “I haven’t seen the clip what happened. The guys in the room said they saw it, but he may have crossed the line with what they said. He competes, but he may have crossed of crossed it tonight“. It is no secret he crossed a line and no matter how competitive you are, you just can’t do that.

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