The Making of the New Jersey Devils 13 Game Win Streak

RALEIGH, NC - JANUARY 10: Members of the New Jersey Devils celebrate scoring a goal during the game between the New Jersey Devils and the Carolina Hurricanes on January 10, 2023 at PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Photo by Katherine Gawlik/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

13-game win streak. Is that all that needs to be said? Their dominance isn’t astonishing to the analytics. After a disappointing 2021-22 season ruined by abysmal goaltending, the New Jersey Devils’ numbers showed them to be a top-15 team. Although at this point, they may be thrilled with their finish due to snagging Simon Nemec. As their goaltending stands, it’s still an issue. In a few years, they could be a case study regarding needing or not needing a number-one goaltender. The New Jersey Devils’ 13-game win streak was something spectacular. Who needs a star goalie when you’re allowing less than two goals a game? Even if their goaltending caves in, the Devils are a blueprint for drafting, developing, and gaining by trade.

New Jersey Devils 13-Game Win Streak Product of Long-Term Mindset

Building the Blue Line

The Devils’ defensive core is the complete opposite of their forward group. Damon Severson is the lone player who the Devils drafted. Other than that, three players were acquired through trade with the other three being signed as free agents. The summer of 2021 was the summer of Tom Fitzgerald. Signing Dougie Hamiltonacquiring Ryan Graves for a second-round pick and a prospect, and acquiring Jonas Siegenthaler for a lone third-round pick. This summer they rounded out the core with the addition of John Marino and Brendan Smith. The streak was built last summer. But how do we know these guys play a part in the Devils’ success? Well, not a single Devils defenseman is getting outplayed while on the ice. In fact, the other team hardly has the puck while these six guys are on the ice.

Forward Core

Opposite the blue line, the Devils have been one of the best drafting and developing teams of late. Out of the 14 current contracts on their payroll, 10 of the 14 players were drafted by the Devils. 90% of those guys were drafted after 2016. Even then, the free agents they’ve signed have paid off significantly in top-six players Tomas Tatar and Ondrej Palat. One of the most eye-catching stats is the amount the Devils are able to control possession. They can thank Jack Hughes for that! In all seriousness, the Devils have had no passengers all season long. Not a single forward is getting out-chanced while on the ice. Even if they aren’t totally dominating, they’re controlling possession at least 50% of the time. There’s a good chance you’re gonna win games if you have the puck right?


Although things are a bit cloudy in Jersey City, no one is denying how good the Devils are and will be. With an average age of 25 years old, skids are bound to happen. Everyone knows that the Devils’ cup window is going to be a long one. The one thing that can be said is that Tom Fitzgerald surely deserves some Jim Gregory credit over the next few years due to the roster he’s put together. Having a long-term vision is what has allowed Devils’ management to put all the pieces together and ultimately win 13 in a row. This upcoming off-season will be a deciding factor in the future of this team with 15 free agents needing new contracts. With an excellent all-around staff, Devils fans shouldn’t be too worried about bad business this off-season.

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