NHL Predictions: November 8 Including Vegas Golden Knights vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Welcome back to another day of NHL Predictions. Each day, Last Word on Hockey takes a look at the games that are happening and gives our predictions for each one, breaking down head-to-head and other factors that may play in. We also have a featured game of the day, which is considered must-watch TV. Today’s featured game is the Vegas Golden Knights vs Toronto Maple Leafs.

NHL Predictions: Vegas Golden Knights vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Arizona Coyotes vs Buffalo Sabres

Head-to-Head: Coyotes 0 – 0 Sabres

This is the first meeting between these two teams and it is up to be a ride. The Sabres lost their two games on the road and returned home bummed. However, so far they have a 7-5-0 record and that’s a way better start than expected. Arizona has won their last game and has been on a roller coaster but they’re also in a better position than expected. So this can be a really interesting game between two teams that no one would bet to win against other opponents. But, considering the Sabres are still uncertain about whether Rasmus Dahlin will come back into the lineup tomorrow or not. Arizona takes this one in overtime.

Prediction: Arizona wins, 4-3 (OT)

Calgary Flames vs New Jersey Devils

Head-to-Head: Flames 0 – 1 Devils

The Calgary Flames are not where people thought they would be to start the season. And the New Jersey Devils are an absolute wagon going 9-3-0 in the first 12 games. They’re also on a six-game winning streak and have not played since Saturday. Where they won 4-3 in overtime against the Flames. So this is a rematch for Calgary, having played only yesterday night against the New York Islanders – and lost 4-3 in overtime after blowing a 3-1 lead. That means there’s a really high chance that the Devils will take the win tonight with ease. But who knows, maybe Calgary can be in their villain era and get their revenge. Because what’s better than revenge after all? Nothing!

Prediction: New Jersey wins, 5-4 (OT)

New York Islanders vs New York Rangers

Head-to-Head: Islanders 1 – 0 Rangers

The first game of the Battle of New York was a shutout win for the Islanders. Now, they’re coming from a hard-fought game against the Flames where they won 4-3 in overtime. So, even though they’re on a high, there’s a high probability that the Rangers will take this one and it’s gonna be a good win. Decent. Filled with goals, just like everyone loves.

Prediction: Rangers win, 5-2

St Louis Blues vs Philadelphia Flyers

Head-to-Head: Canadiens 0 – 0 Sabres

This one is pretty easy to predict since the blues are on a seven-game losing streak and coming from a back-to-back against the Boston Bruins. To say that they’re having a disappointing start to the season is an understatement and the Flyers are pretty decent. What world is this? No one knows but the Tortorella magic is happening over there. So, to sum up, the Flyers win, the Blues lose, and everyone goes into a “What is happening” moment and moves on a few minutes after. But St Louis really needs to figure out what’s going on because it’s ugly and embarrassing. Let’s change, people!

Prediction: Philadelphia wins, 4-1

Vancouver Canucks vs Ottawa Senators

Head-to-Head: Canucks 0 – 0 Senators

Has anyone told the Senators that they’re supposed to be good this year? Because they haven’t gotten the memo. They’re on a five-game losing streak. Chaos is happening and no one seems to understand why. Don’t they have Alex DeBrincat, Claude Giroux, Brady Tkachuk, Jake Sanderson, etc, etc etc? They do but the chemistry apparently hasn’t arrived yet. So, here’s what’s gonna happen. Canucks will win but it’ll be a very chaotic game with a lot of goals because no one can play defence. Super fun!

Prediction: Vancouver wins 5-3

Vegas Golden Knights vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Head-to-Head: Golden Knights 0 – 0 Maple Leafs

Toronto has both their goaltenders hurt. Matt Murray is starting to get back but is not ready and Ilya Samsonov got hurt on Saturday against the Bruins. That’s gonna hurt them against a team like the Golden Knights that are on a seven-game winning streak. Logan Thompson is having a superstar year with a 6-2-0 record and Adin Hill is 5-0-0. Vegas is on a roll again – and that’s bad news for everyone else. So, to follow the logical path, Vegas wins this one 4-1. And Toronto gets a goal out of mercy here, just for funsies.

Prediction: Vegas wins 4-1

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