NHL Rumours: Arizona Coyotes Defencemen Could Land With Western Canadian Team

Arizona Coyotes Jakob Chychrun

This guy might be the most popular in the game right now. His name has been popping up in trade rumours for a year, and the heat on that matter has been cranked up a notch. Arizona Coyotes Jakob Chychrun is in the rumour mill, and another team has emerged as a potential landing spot. The team in the east that has emerged is the Columbus Blue Jackets, but today we focus on the western conference team. 

Jakob Chychrun Could Land With Cup Contender

Rumour: Jonathan Willis from The Athletic discusses the Edmonton Oilers landing Jakob Chychrun

There is one team that could be involved in the Chychrun sweepstakes, and that is the Edmonton Oilers. Fresh off a Western Conference appearance and losing to the Colorado Avalanche, this team is hungry for more. General Manager Ken Holland did some work to boost the roster, but based on the currently constructed roster, it remains to be seen if he fits.

Does Jakob Chychrun Fit?

Arizona Coyotes Jakob Chychrun currently plays on the left side of the blue line. The Oilers now have Darnell Nurse and Brett Kulak on that side. Chychrun, without a doubt, makes the Oilers better if they add him. The blessing they also have is the young talent fighting for that final spot. So it remains to be seen what happens in the future, but to get, you got to give. The problem the Oilers have is paying the price that the Coyotes are asking for. But what does a price for a player like Chychrun fetch?

Trade Proposals And Comparables

Chychrun makes the Arizona Coyotes better than it does worse. But if they are willing to move on from him, signs are pointing to a rebuild and not being great for a little while. For example, Willis lays out what the draft picks look like in the coming years and it’s plenty. 2023 features seven picks, and 2024 features 14 picks, with eight in the first three rounds. In addition, 2025 features ten selections, with six in the first three rounds. They are stockpiling for the future, and why stop now?

The Comparable

Jonathan Willis mentions a comparable to look at for premiere defencemen in this league. Prior to the deadline last season, the Boston Bruins traded for Hampus Lindholm. It included a long-term extension, but the Bruins parted ways with a first-round pick, a prospect, and two second-round picks. Sounds steep right? But in hindsight, if you are going to improve, you got to give to get. A trade like this could be what it takes to land Chychrun. But what does that look like for the Oilers?

The Proposal

The proposed deal by Willis is good, but not something that fits what the Coyotes are looking for. There wasn’t a blue-chip prospect in the package, and that’s what it will take. With the Oilers in win-now mode and aiming for the Stanley Cup, parting ways with prospects and draft picks is the way to go. In terms of value, a player that could get it done along with the picks is a prospect, Philip Broberg.

Closing Thoughts

It will be tough for Holland to land Chychrun, but it isn’t to say it cannot be done. The Oilers have a mountain to climb financially as they are tight against the cap. Chychrun does make $4.6 million per season, and that makes it tricky. But Chychrun makes them a better team than not. He is 24 years old and under control for three years at a low cap hit. When he is at his best and healthy, he looks like a valid number one defenseman. For a team looking to win the Stanley Cup, not a wrong move to make.

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