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Detroit Red Wings Forward Possibly On Trade Market

Tyler Bertuzzi Trade

We’re in the middle of the long, hot summer, but we still have plenty of NHL rumours to go around. Training camp isn’t too far away and executives are already thinking down the road. The flat cap era is forcing some hard choices and the Detroit Red Wings might be facing one. General manager Steve Yzerman may have to part with a young forward. Today’s NHL rumours look at the likelihood of a Tyler Bertuzzi trade.

All NHL rumours come from the original source and are subject to change.

NHL Rumours

Tyler Bertuzzi Trade Could Happen

Bob Duff of Detroit Hockey Now looked at the possibility of a Tyler Bertuzzi trade this season. The 27-year-old becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. He currently makes $4.75 million per season. The nephew of former NHLer Todd Bertuzzi will wrap up his two-year bridge deal at the end of the season. He would still be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the contract.

Bertuzzi hit a career-high in goals with 30 last season after getting 21 in two other campaigns. This is despite missing road games at Canadian rinks because he was unvaccinated against COVID-19. However, restrictions against unvaccinated players could be relaxing and allow them entry into Canada.

Until that time, he’s still not allowed to play north of the border until those rules are relaxed. A number of WWE talents missed Friday’s SmackDown show and could miss tonight’s RAW due to not having the coronavirus shot.

What It Means

Bertuzzi’s trade value could increase even more if the vaccination hurdle becomes a non-factor. He could play in games and likely increase his goal totals. This would likely increase his trade value should Detroit not be in contention around the trade deadline. The Red Wings have made some upgrades, but there still may need some work in a few areas.

The young Wing could be someone that Yzerman can dangle in front of other teams that need a young goalscorer. This would give Detroit more draft capital and more chances to plug holes via the draft.

Dealing Bertuzzi would also take nearly $5 million off the books unless the Red Wings decide to retain some salary to help make a deal more palatable. However, that would only be for the rest of the regular season and Detroit would have flexibility.

However, this trade could be off the table if Detroit is in contention for a Stanley Cup Playoffs spot. This would signify that the Red Wings are ahead of schedule on the rebuild. Would Yzerman want to stay on course with a Bertuzzi trade or go for a post-season berth? Contract talks could also go well and Bertuzzi might want to stay on a team that’s on the edge of contending.


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