Martin Necas Remains With Carolina

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Carolina Hurricanes forward Martin Necas has agreed to a new deal to remain with the club. The deal is for two years and is worth $6 million dollars or an AAV of $3 million dollars. The young Czech forward gets to stick around and contend for a Stanley Cup.

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Carolina Hurricanes Forward Sticks Around

The Czech forward was taken 12th overall in the 2017 NHL draft. He has spent his entire career in Carolina. In 203 games played he has tallied 45 goals, 74 assists and 119 points. Given that the Hurricanes have become perennial playoff contenders, in 33 playoff games, he has amassed 14 points.

The Carolina Hurricanes forward is coming off his best season. According to Stat Muse, Necas scored 14 goals, 26 assists and 40 points. In the 2021-22 season his expected goals was 14.1, therefore, he played as expected. He finished 10th among Carolina forwards with a Corsi For Percentage at 56%. The young forward has not surpassed the 20-goal marker in his time in Carolina. 40 points are the highest he’s reached, and many wonder if he will ever find his consistency.

The rumour going around is the forward could move back to his natural position at center. With Vincent Trocheck most likely hitting the open market, the opportunity could be there. Necas has the skill and the speed and needs to find consistency in his game.

Is Necas Worth The Gamble

The young forward could be worth the gamble. Having to play wing due to a crowded centermen crew, he could find his game playing his more natural position. The player has all the makings to be an effective player in this league. It’s just a matter of putting it together. Carolina getting him to stay without breaking the bank could pay dividends.

 Does It Benefit Necas To Stay

A change of scenery could have benefited the Czech forward. To stick around on a contending team is a huge benefit. Even with the short-term security, he can find his niche in Carolina and play in a system he is familiar with. The given opportunity to play his natural position in this system could benefit his game and increase his point totals.