NHL Rumours: New York Team May Be In On Nazem Kadri

Nazem Kadri Islanders
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After the pandemonium of the NHL free agency, there are still major free agents still on the board. The most notable, being Colorado Avalanche forward Nazem Kadri. But that may change as although there were guarantees that Kadri would re-sign, there is a team that is in the running for him. Is a Nazem Kadri move to the Islanders possible.

NHL free agent frenzy

Nazem Kadri Has Interest from Islanders

According to reporter Kevin Kurz, The New York Islanders are in on Nazem Kadri, and there is still a chance that he signs with the team. Kadri, 31, has played for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Colorado Avalanche in the NHL.

Although Kadri is known for being suspended in the first round of the playoffs, the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs proved that he can be a crucial part to an NHL team, and that has sparked a lot of interest in him entering free agency.

This season, Kadri recorded 87 points in 71 games for the Avalanche. That is the highest point total of his career, his second highest being 61 points in 82 games in the 2016-2017 season.

What This Means

For Kadri, it allows him to secure his family financially, and allow him to be a part of a young and growing core with the Islanders. While yes, it’s not the core that the Avalanche had, he can play a much more significant role with the team and prove he is still worth the massive payday he is looking for.

For the Islanders, this secures another top six forward for the organization, and allows them to build towards another conference finals run, after taking a step back due to injury. Although there are questions, considering Kadri’s history with the Department Of Player Safety, and suspensions. If he takes a step forward like he did last year, then the deal may be worth it for the Islanders. If not, then it may be another case of having a great year in their contract year, and then taking a step back right after.