Winnipeg Jets Player Gives Two Year Notice to Test Free Agent Market

Winnipeg Jets Free agent market; Pierre-Luc Dubois move
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With the Winnipeg Jets still on the search for a head coach, there are a lot of question marks for next season. Winnipeg is hot on Barry Trotz’s trail for their vacant spot. However, he announced that he would make a decision on his career on July 1st. One thing that is certain, Pierre-Luc Dubois wants to test the free agent market two years from now. The Winnipeg Jets free agent market will get interesting if that happens.

Winnin Jets Forward to Hit Agent Market in Two Years

Rumour: Elliotte Friedman reported during the intermission that Pierre-Luc Dubois has told the Winnipeg Jets his plan as of now is to get to unrestricted free agency in summer 2024, rather than sign a long-term extension. Friedman also stated the Jets hope to convince Dubois to sign long-term this summer. 

NHL free agent frenzy

The 24-year-old is currently a pending restricted free agent with arbitration rights. Dubois has been with the Jets for about a season and a half. He was traded mid-season to the Jets by the Colombus Blue Jackets. In his first full season with Winnipeg, he scored 28 goals and recorded 60 points in 81 games. He ranked tenth in the NHL for power-play goals this season. He is coming off a two-year, five-million-dollar contract.

What This Means for Winnipeg

Winnipeg has two options here. They can keep him for the next two years, in hopes that he changes his tune. While also using him to their benefit, because, let’s face it, he will continue to put up decent numbers. Or they can try to move him. Dubois could produce a pretty good return. Winnipeg has several spots to fill on the offensive side of things, as well as a backup goalie. Trading Dubois for multiple pieces might make sense, depending on what Winnipeg feels is necessary. Especially with a new coach and a potential new system to build a roster around. Only time will tell for the future of Dubois and the Jets.