Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie Possibly Hitting Free Agency Market

Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie

With the free agency approaching and nearly every team knocked out of the playoffs, contracts and player move rumours are flying. Teams are trying to fix flaws in their rosters from the previous season, while also trying to add to what remains. This is exactly what the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie team is doing this off-season after another disappointing First Round exit. The current player under the microscope is goaltender, Jack Campbell.

Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie Tests Market

Rumour: Chris Johnston on Insider Trading says it’s been quiet in negotiations between Mikheyev and Campbell, there’s been ongoing dialogue with both camps but no real numbers exchanged. No real back and forth. Mikheyev is looking for 4-5 million on the open market. Campbell could go north of that. 

Campbell, who went 31-9-6 this season, is reportedly shopping to make around six million per year. He was 14th in the league for his goals-against average at 2.64. And he was 15th in the league with a save percentage of .914%. These numbers are not far off from his career numbers. In 135 games played, his record is 71-39-14. His career goals-against average is 2.53 and his career save percentage is .916%.

Being the middle-of-the-pack goalie in the NHL, he comes with a hefty price tag. One the Maple Leafs cannot afford. The Maple Leafs have just under eight million to work with this off-season. Keeping Campbell would require shedding some serious capital. Campbell is coming off a two-year, 1.65 million dollar contract that expired at the conclusion of this season.

The Possibilities

The Edmonton Oilers have been mentioned as a landing spot for Campbell. The Oilers number one goalie last season was Mike Smith. He has been in the league for what feels like forever and is known for his inconsistent game. But the Oilers are almost as cash-strapped as the Maple Leafs. They have just over seven million to work with and have about ten free agents. Some of the free agents are big names like Evander Kane. As much as the Oilers would love to have a solid goalie, Campbell is probably not in their price range.

Another team that has expressed some strong interest has been the New Jersey Devils. The Devils are coming off yet another lacklustre year. The team has only made the playoffs once in the last ten years and they were bounced in the first round. Adding a solid goalie would be a good place to start to hopefully find some success. The Devils have roughly 25 million dollars to try to build a successful team with. If they are serious about Campbell and are willing to pay the high cost, they’ve got the money to do it.