Los Angeles Kings Linked to Alex DeBrincat Trade Rumours

Alex DeBrincat Trade
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With the NHL draft not far off, there are lots of emerging NHL rumours. Teams are looking at how they can acquire assets for a rebuild, or get great players to help their playoff chances. One such rumour involves the LA Kings being interested in one of the best, young goal scorers in the league. The LA Kings are looking to partake in an Alex DeBrincat trade.

LA Kings Interested in All-Star Winger

Rumour: According to Pierre LeBrun, the Chicago Blackhawks are having ongoing trade talks regarding Alex DeBrincat. The Kings are one of many teams that are interested.

NHL free agent frenzy

Why an Alex DeBricat Trade Makes Sense for the Chicago Blackhawks

Alex DeBrincat has been one of the best young goal scorers in the league since he was drafted in 2016. He has scored over 40 goals on two different occasions and was on pace to be over 40 goals in 82 games in the 2020-21 season. He has one season left at $6,400,000 and will expire as an RFA in 2023. The Chicago Blackhawks, who should be looking to rebuild, have the opportunity to get a ton back for DeBrincat.

LeBrun mentioned the Blackhawks could decide to keep DeBrincat. This could work for the Blackhawks as well, as he could act as a good mentor to take them through a rebuild. At just 24 years old, DeBrincat is still young enough to do this. Because of this, the Blackhawks won’t feel pressured to trade him.

Why an Alex DeBricat Trade Makes Sense for the LA Kings

The LA Kings, one of the teams reportedly interested, are going through a rebuild right now. The team just took a large step forward, making the playoffs and taking the Edmonton Oilers to seven games. They still have a lot of assets like draft picks and prospects they could use to trade. The reported as is a young player/high picks/top prospects type of ask according to LeBrun. It’s a steep offer, but one that would be worth it.

The LA Kings are a fantastic match for DeBrincat. The Kings were a great play-driving team this season but lacked the finishing skill they needed to score. DeBrincat could come in and immediately rectify that. It’s not often a 40-goal scorer under the age of 26 comes onto the market. The Kings should be jumping at this opportunity. It’s a perfect fit for their needs.

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