Jared Spurgeon Only Fined by Department of Player Safety

The NHL Department of Player Safety announced there won’t be a hearing for Jared Spurgeon. The Minnesota Wild captain received a two-minute minor penalty for cross-checking St Louis Blues forward Pavel Buchnevich. This was confirmed on Twitter by Greg Wyshynski just hours after the game ended.

Jared Spurgeon Avoids DPOS Hearing

With only 1:46 minutes left in Game 1 of the first-round series between the Wild and the St Louis Blues, the Wild trailed 4-0. At this time, Blues forward, Buchnevich, fell awkwardly onto the Wild captain. Spurgeon proceeded to slam his stick Buchnevich right across his ankles after he fell onto his knees. This resulted in a two-minute minor for cross-checking, though time would expire before it the two minutes was served.

Spurgeon, one of the cleaner players in the league, finished this season with only 10 penalty minutes served. He has a squeaky clean background with the league and has never been suspended. Although Spurgeon is not a repeat offender, this is Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and a message should be sent.  However, DPOS missed the memo. This was a non-hockey play with an intent to injure. However, Spurgeon gets off with only the $5,000 fine and will be ready for Game 2.

What This Means for the Team

It’s another odd disciplinary decision by DPOS with just a fine. There was malice from the cross-check and most fans are rightfully upset about this.

In addition to bringing a captain’s presence to the lineup, the 32-year-old is the most productive defenceman on the Wild roster.  With 10 goals and 30 assists recorded this season, this would have been a huge hit to the Minnesota lineup come Game 2. Spurgeon may be in the lineup for the pivotal second game and that means there might be more explosiveness to the already smoldering rivalry.

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