NHL Predictions: April 8th Including Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning
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Welcome back to another day of NHL Predictions. Each day, Last Word on Hockey takes a look at the games that are happening and gives our predictions for each one, breaking down head-to-head and other factors that may play in. We also have a featured game of the day, which is considered must-watch TV. Today’s featured game is the Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning.

NHL Predictions With Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Head-to-Head: Bruins 2-1 Lightning

This should be a high-scoring, physical game between two teams coming from losses. The Bruins lost 5-3 against the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday and the Lightning is on a three-game losing streak. Both are in a “need-to-win” situation. They’re already in playoff positions and tied in points with 93. Boston is sitting in third of the Atlantic and Tampa is in the Wild Card spot. This will be a really fun game to watch. None of them have clinched yet but unless a miracle happens and the Islanders start winning all their next games, it’ll happen soon. So the real battle is who will take that third spot in the Atlantic? For tonight’s game, it’ll be the well-rested Boston Bruins.

Prediction: Boston wins, 3-2 

Buffalo Sabres vs Florida Panthers

Head-to-Head: Sabres 0-3 Panthers

Coming from a fresh 5-3 loss to the Hurricanes on Thursday, Buffalo will definitely try to get back to the winning collum. The problem is that the Panthers have dominated every single game against the Sabres this season. They’re also on a five-game winning streak – including a 5-3 win against Buffalo on Sunday. Florida already clinched their playoff spot but they’ll likely try to keep the streak alive to help with morale entering the final three weeks of the season. That means that the Panthers will be the winners of this hockey game.

Prediction: Florida wins, 6-3

New York Islanders vs Carolina Hurricanes

Head-to-Head: Islanders 0-1 Hurricanes

Sebastian Aho and Jordan Staal scored twice in the Hurricanes’ 5-3 win against the Sabres on Thursday. This should be enough to know that the team will come into this game buzzing. Their last encounter with the Islanders was on October 16 and they won 6-3. And if there’s something Carolina loves to do, that is winning against the Isles. If that wasn’t motivation enough, they clinched a playoff spot with yesterday’s win.

Speaking of the Long Island team, things are not easy for them. They lost the game against the Dallas Stars on Tuesday and the season is just not working. However, the Islanders will be well-rested after not playing for three days and only practicing on Thursday. They will also have Ilya Sorokin back (even though Barry Trotz has not confirmed who’s starting). This should be motivation enough for them to win this hockey game.

Prediction: New York wins, 3-2

Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues

Head-to-Head: Wild 0-1 Blues

Now this will be a fun game with a capital F. St. Louis is currently on a three-game winning streak and Minnesota is coming from a 6-2 loss to Nashville. There’s only one point keeping the Blues from second place in the Central Division and they will surely try to leave this game with two. Both are in playoff spots but haven’t clinched yet. And with Nasshile only six points away from that third place, both teams should be fighting for their lives in this game.

With that said, St. Louis should come out of this one in the winning end – only it’ll be on overtime to keep things interesting.

Prediction: St. Louis wins, 5-4 (OT)

Colorado Avalanche vs Winnipeg Jets

Head-to-Head: Avalanche 2-0 Jets

This should be a fun game to watch, as the Avalanche have already clinched their playoff spot and the Jets are holding tight to their chances to make the wild card. The chances are very slim but they’re not eliminated yet and that should mean they’ll be desperate. Well, that and the fact that they’re in a three-game losing streak coming into this game.

The Avs, on the other hand, is going strong as ever. With a clinched spot and sitting comfortably at first in the Central Division with 106 points, they’re in heaven. However, that doesn’t mean the Jets will have it easy – anyone who knows Colorado knows they would never make it easy for anyone.

With that in mind, this should be a Colorado win – even though the Jets won’t fall without a fight.

Prediction: Avalanche wins, 6-3

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