Madison Packer Becomes The Second PHF Player To Reach 100th Career Point

Madison Packer
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The Metropolitan Riveters captain Madison Packer became the second player in NWHL/PHF history to get to one hundred career points. The milestone was reached on Saturday’s matchup against the Boston Pride. She’s also the first Riveter to get to a hundred career points.

Riveters Madison Packer Reaches A Hundred Career Points

Madison Packer is one of the rare PHF players who’s been in the league since its beginning. The Riveters captain is not only extremely talented but she’s also accompanied by multiple talented players. It was only a matter of time before Packer got to the hundred mark. The first player in PHF history to reach the hundreds was Jillian Dempsey, captain of the Boston Pride. Curiously enough, Dempsey reached her milestone on January 24, 2021, almost a year before Packer.

The Riveters captain has 100 points in 105 career games in the PHF. Out of those, she scored 95 during the regular season in 96 games, having 0.98 points per game. Packer also reached the milestone in college, where she scored 104 points in 146 games for the University of Wisconsin. The Riveters are the only professional team Packer has played for during her career. The captain made sure to thank her teammates for all the help.

“To all those that I’ve played with these past 7 seasons, this point was for you.” Packer tweeted with a picture holding her puck on Saturday. “I never would have gotten here without you, and I’m so grateful for this moment.”

Packer: The Five-Time PHF All-Star

Along with the milestone, Packer will appear on the PHF’s All-Star Showcase on January 29, in Buffalo. It will mark her fifth appearance in the All-Star, making her the most decorated PHF All-Star in the league’s history. She’ll have plenty to celebrate with teammate Rebecca Russo, who’ll also be in the showcase.

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