MnM Hockey Podcast: 2022 NHL Season Wishlist For Each Team

2022 NHL Season
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Last Word on Hockey presents The MnM Hockey Podcast. The latest addition to the stable of LWOH Hockey Podcast Content. Every week, Alex Metzger and Chace McCallum will share their thoughts on the news of the week, have a variety of guests from the world of hockey as well as spending some time on original segments. Sit back, listen, and enjoy some NHL news, analysis, and discussion.

2022 NHL Season Wishlist

Alex and Chace are back for their first episode of 2022! After taking some time off over the Holidays, the guys are back and ready for a new and exciting year. Instead of looking at the many cancellations, the league has had so far, Alex and Chace decide to look forward to the 2022 NHL season. This means the entire calendar year.

Today, the guys go through each team and list one item or thing that has to happen for that team to consider 2022 a successful year. For some, the ambitions may be very high. As high as winning the Stanley Cup as their only way this is a success. For others, it could be just having a single-player develop or winning the lottery. Join them and see what they think needs to happen, big or small for every team. What do you agree with? Are there any that you disagree with? Let the guys know here or on Twitter as we head into 2022.

Who are Alex and Chace? Alex and Chace are both from the Waterloo region in Ontario, Canada. Both of them grew up playing hockey and shortly after fell in love with analyzing it. Chace is a noted Leafs and Penguins fan, while Alex is a die-hard Senators fan. You can find Alex’s work at and You can also find Chace’s work at

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