Ryan Lomberg Is Solidifying Himself in the Florida Panthers Roster

Ryan Lomberg

Coming to Sunrise through the free-agent market in 2020, Ryan Lomberg has been a shot of adrenaline ever since he entered the lineup. While he does not play night in and night out, when he is in, it’s tough to take him out. His effect on the ice is undeniable.

The Ryan Lomberg Effect

Signing a two-year contract extension the other week, Lomberg has been a fan favourite of the Florida Panthers. As mentioned before, Lomberg is a shot of adrenaline every single time he enters the building. He brings a spark to the guys around him with his infectious attitude on and off the ice. While his numbers are not the greatest, the attributes that Lomberg brings to the lineup are critical to the team’s success.

Whether you’re a casual fan or a Florida Panther diehard, you will notice Ryan Lomberg. Over his short 58 game career, Lomberg has a total of four goals and 10 points. With nine of those points coming with the Florida Panthers, Lomberg is another player who has made a home in Sunrise. Despite not playing every single game, Lomberg makes the most of every single opportunity he gets. He brings to the ice relentless forechecking, physicality, speed, and overall swagger. Fans come to games just as excited to see Lomberg’s luscious locks flowing through the wind as he hunts down the opposing defenders.

With 13 games played this season so far. Lomberg is a player that needs to be given a more full-time role with this team. Most people judge a player’s contributions through Individual Expected Goals (ixG), or Goals For Per 60 (GF/60), or even Goals Above Replacement (GAR)(Which he is still doing well in ixG 2.37, 3.4 GF/60, and 1.5 GAR). However, Lomberg’s on-ice contributions can be measured in another way. Out of the 13 games, Lomberg has played this season, the Panthers are 8-2-3 with him in the lineup. 19 team points coming when Lomberg is in the lineup. Something to keep in mind come May and June.

Lomberg Is Improving From Last Season

As mentioned above, the advanced numbers are not the most kind to Ryan “The Lamborghini” Lomberg. Yet, he is still showing signs of consistent improvement. Whether it’s the fact that he has already passed his previous season point total in less than half the time; or his average time on ice jumped from 9:43 to 11:08 last season to now. Even the advanced numbers show improvement. Thanks to JFresh’s incredible work, we can see Lombergs Wins Above Replacement has jumped six percent. His Even-Strength Defence has leaped 16 percent. His penalties have dropped five percent, and his finishing has grown four percent as well.

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While there is a lot of red there, Lombergs improvement is noticeable on and off the score sheet. As a fantastic depth player, Lomberg has been very responsible in the defensive zone. At the same time, adding a never-ending prowess on the forecheck. Lomgbeg brings a spark to the team that no one in that locker room would ever trade away. After the Panthers’ incredible comeback win over the Washington Capitals on Tuesday night, Lomberg said it himself; “There’s a belief in that room that we’re never out of a fight.” And a big reason for that can be credited to Lomberg’s efforts.

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