Philadelphia Flyers Hot and Cold Streaks: October 17 – 23, Including Cam Atkinson

Cam Atkinson

This week, the season got into full swing, with the Flyers facing the Seattle Kraken, Boston Bruins, and Florida Panthers. The team logged its first ever victory over the Kraken in a 6-1 blowout. They also felled Boston in convincing fashion, recording a 6-3 win. The Panthers, who remain undefeated, proved a more difficult challenge, as they gave the Flyers their first loss of the week. Through these three games, there were some players who facilitated the team’s success. However, others did not perform quite so impressively. Each week, we’ll take a look at players on the Philadelphia Flyers who are on a hot or cold streak. This week, we’ll examine Cam Atkinson and Nicolas Aube-Kubel.

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Hot and Cold Streaks, Including Cam Atkinson

Hot Streak: Cam Atkinson

Last week, Cam Atkinson got an honourable mention, but this week, his performance was worthy of the hot streak. He recorded three goals in addition to an assist. 

As a player the Flyers traded for in hopes of increasing scoring, Atkinson has delivered. He didn’t find the back of the net against the Kraken but netted two goals in the game against the Bruins. Atkinson opened the scoring on a two-on-one with Joel Farabee, faking the shot and ultimately slipping the puck through the legs of Jeremy Swayman. Later, he netted the game-winning goal while falling down.

However, Atkinson also proved that he’s not just a goal-scorer. He’s more than capable of constructing opportunities for his linemates. In the Kraken game, Atkinson fired a shot at Chris Driedger from the neutral zone. Although Driedger’s pad was in position to block Atkinson’s attempt, it set up a perfectly-placed rebound for Farabee, who found the back of the net.

Finally, let’s examine Atkinson’s penalty killing. His speed and awareness make him excellent in situations where the Flyers are down a man. Against Seattle, Atkinson and Farabee’s quick, coordinated attacks drained time by preventing the puck carrier from entering the neutral zone. He utilized the same strategy while facing the Panthers’ power play—and was rewarded with a breakaway, off which he scored a rare shorthanded goal. Overall, Atkinson is quickly shaping up to be an integral part of this Flyers team.

Honourable Mention: Travis Konecny

After a disappointing 2020-21 season, Travis Konecny deserves immense credit for his strong start. He recorded a goal in each of the first three games, as well as two goals and one assist this week. Against the Kraken, he settled a bouncing puck and passed it over to Giroux to open the scoring, and later netted a goal off his own rebound. His tally against the Bruins padded the Flyers’ third-period lead.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting Konecny’s defensive contributions. His speed on the forecheck translated well to the backcheck. He was also physical and active in the Flyers’ own end. If Konecny can keep playing the way he did this week, he’ll be set for a bounce-back season.

Cold Streak: Nicolas Aube-Kubel

It was not a great week for Nicolas Aube-Kubel. At times, he seemed to have reverted back to his 2020-21 form, making misguided plays and picking up penalties. Aube-Kubel was on the ice for three of seven non-empty net goals against the Flyers, and his possession metrics were subpar. (He recorded a Corsi-for of 40.7 through three games.) Against Boston, especially, Aube-Kubel gave away the puck too many times, setting up dangerous chances for the Bruins.

Along with his possession numbers, Aube-Kubel also took some unnecessary penalties. He was called for interference against Seattle and tripping against Florida. While neither penalty led to a goal, both suggested either a lack of movement or just plain bad decision-making on Aube-Kubel’s part. It will be important for him to clean up his game going forward.

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