Dylan Larkin Faces Department of Player Safety Hearing

Dylan Larkin
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Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin received a Department of Player Safety hearing for a hit against Tampa Bay Lightning forward Mathieu Joseph.


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Dylan Larkin Receives Department of Player Safety Hearing

Larkin’s retaliatory hit came after Joseph accelerated into Larkin’s back knocking him into the boards with all his might. Larkin spent the latter half of the 2020-21 season recovering from a neck injury caused by Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn. This type of hit – and the NHL’s failure to issue any sort of penalty to Benn in the past – sent Larkin into a fury. Responding immediately, Larkin took a swing at Joseph, connecting with the forward’s shoulder. This move resulted in a quick brawl, giving Larkin a game misconduct and Joseph two minor penalties.

Much to the chagrin of Red Wings fans, as of right now, Joseph has not received any DoPS calls. It remains to be seen the extent of Larkin’s punishment, but it appears it’ll be a fine or short-game suspension.

What This Means for the Team

The Red Wings suffered a heartbreaking 6-7 OT loss last game. Still, this hit – and the resulting chaos surrounding it – has set the tone for the rest of the season. The Red Wings will use this as a rallying point throughout the season to fight to the end against even the toughest of teams.

The NHL has openly said they’ll crack down on cross-checking this season. Ideally, this game will be seen as a learning experience for the officiating staff. Multiple calls – including a very questionable Ondrej Palat hit – were either underplayed or swept under the rug.

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