OHL Suspends Logan Mailloux Indefinitely

Logan Mailloux Scouting Report
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The Ontario Hockey League has suspended London Knights and Montreal Canadiens draft pick Logan Mailloux indefinitely. The suspension was announced on Thursday.

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Logan Mailloux Suspended Indefinitely

The suspension stems from an incident of a sexual nature that happened in Sweden. He was fined after a woman went to the police when Mailloux took a picture of a sex act. He then showed his teammates without her permission. The incident occurred while he was on loan at SK Lejon in Nov. 2020.

The defenceman asked not to be draft in the 2020 NHL Draft. However, the Canadiens took him with the 31st pick. There was plenty of backlash over the selection of Mailloux despite his apology and entering counseling. Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called out the selection.

OHL officials suspended him based on him violating “the League’s expectation of the appropriate conduct of an OHL player.” However, he can apply for reinstatement to the league on Jan. 1, 2022. He played for London in the 2019-20 season and was slated to rejoin the team this season. Reinstatement will be based on his conduct and what treatment he’s received.

The Canadiens and Mailloux have said they are going to work together on an action plan “to guide him in his development.” Mailloux said he has seen a therapist since returning to North America.

What it Means

The OHL made it’s feelings known on Mailloux’s conduct. Their statement was blunt and to the point about the 19-year-old’s conduct.

Montreal general manager Marc Bergevin stated that Mailloux also won’t participate in rookie camp. The Habs’ play to help the young defenceman will be scrutinized greatly. There are many people not happy over the selection.

Some hoped the Canadiens would renounce his draft rights much like the Arizona Coyotes did with Mitchell Miller. The Coyotes faced an uproar after Miller’s past bullying was revealed.