Report: UFA Mike Reilly Re-Signs With Boston Bruins

Mike Reilly
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Per Pierre LeBrun according to a source, Mike Reilly will re-sign with the Boston Bruins.

Free-agent defenceman Mike Reilly has signed a three- year contract for $3 million AAV with the Boston Bruins.

Report: Defenceman Mike Reilly Re-Signs With Boston Bruins 

The relatively young defenceman burst onto the scene this season, being praised by traditionalists and analytics pundits alike. His strong two-way play on a struggling Ottawa Senators team made it almost impossible to go unnoticed. At 28-years-old, there are still some great seasons ahead of him, and his ability to be recognized was huge for his eventual pay raise.

Reilly essentially split his season with two teams. After being traded at the deadline for only a third-round draft pick, it was time to show what he could do in a Boston Bruins’ uniform. He was traded for a 2022 third-round draft pick, which was considered by most to be a steal, and after looking at the numbers and watching him play, I’d have to agree. While he only scored 27 total points this season with no goals, his contributions were more extensive than the scoresheet. Considering defensive impact goes beyond what points can say, it would be unfair only to use points.

Mike Reilly Stats

Per Evolving-Hockey, Reilly ended with the 17th highest goals above replacement (GAR) among defencemen. He also had the 61st best-expected goals above replacement (xGAR). Those are excellent results considering where Reilly played the majority of the season. He was at his best in Boston, but he was no slouch in Ottawa.

In 11 playoff games, it was more of the same. Reilly scored four points in 11 total games while remaining solid defensively. He had a slightly above average expected goals for percentage (xGF%) at 5v5 with 53.37%. It was the 13th best out of 19 players with a minimum of 50 minutes. The team did well with him on the ice, as shown in the actual goals for percentage (GF%) category. His 63.27% at 5v5 was sixth-best on the team out of players with the same parameters. His body of work during both the regular season and postseason remained consistent and above average.

What Can We Expect in the Future?

It’s hard to tell if this year was the best Reilly could offer on both ends of the puck. However, just by gracing over the numbers along with his age, I doubt it. The Bruins’ management knew what they were getting at the deadline, and they didn’t have to give up too much for him. Bolstering the back-end seems to be a hot trend in today’s NHL, and picking up a player like Reilly is undoubtedly a way to do that. His calm and cool attitude and strengths on both ends of the ice make him a hot commodity. Rarely will one see a defensive breakdown or an awful offensive play from him. While he might not be the most stellar on either side, he’s above average in both, and that’s what teams are looking for nowadays.

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