Vancouver Canucks Hire Sedin Twins

Sedin Twins Hired
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The Vancouver Canucks have hired Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin to front office roles under general manager Jim Benning. The duo will act as special advisors to general manager. This move will invigorate fans as the team tries to recover from a disappointing campaign. The team announced the Sedin twins hiring late Tuesday afternoon.

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Sedin Twins Hired by Canucks

What can be said about the Sedin twins that hasn’t been said before? The two are the best players in franchise history and own several of the team’s all-time records including points and goals. Daniel’s 393 career goals edges out Henrik’s 240, but Henrik won the points battle with 1070. Their combined ability was nearly unparalleled when they were on the ice together, but they sadly never led the Canucks to the promised land of a Stanley Cup victory. The closest they came was 2010-11 when they fell against the vaunted Boston Bruins in seven games. Despite the lack of a championship, they are both potential hall of fame candidates with their existing credentials.

What This Means For the Franchise

Special assistant is such a nebulous title within the growing hierarchy that is hockey operations. There is little doubt that they can help guide the franchise forward, but it is unclear how much power they will actually posses. Benning still leads the front office. That means that the Sedins’ weighty opinion is just that, an opinion. Everything they recommend either has to win Benning or ownership over. It may even create some tension between the department’s actual leadership and its new high-profile members.

With that in mind, the Sedins should certainly help with player development. They can provide the team’s various departments and minor league teams with insight they might not otherwise receive. We have no way to predict how much power they truly have, but having their minds within the front office is far better than not having them.

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