The Royal Road: A Hockey Podcast – Tom Wilson, Connor McDavid, and Biggest Surprises

Tom Wilson

LWOS Toronto Maple Leafs beat writer Oscar Elieff shares his thoughts on the current trends around hockey and the NHL as a whole. Each new episode features a guest host that provides something a little different from the last. Grab a cold drink, grab a seat, and enjoy the breakdown of the latest events going on in hockey. This is The Royal Road: A Hockey Podcast. 

Tom Wilson and Biggest Surprises This Season

I the most recent episode of the Royal Road: A Hockey Podcast, Oscar is joined by a good friend. He would prefer to remain anonymous, so he will be going by Lion (@Lionheart0130). Oscar and Lion discuss the most recent events that ended up leading to the multitude of fights in the Rangers/Capitals game, and why the Department of Player Safety (DoPS) should have suspended Tom Wilson.

Secondly, the guys briefly discuss Connor McDavid and the insane season he’s been having. Finally, they get into who the biggest surprises and disappointments have been this season. This includes teams we thought would do well, and didn’t as well as players. We also looked at who took a step forward that we didn’t expect.


Introduction: 0:00

Tom Wilson and DoPS: 1:35

Connor McDavid’s insane run: 19:05

Biggest Surprises and Disappointments: 30:00

Farewells: 57:10

Who is Oscar Elieff? Oscar is a hockey fan that has pursued a deeper involvement in sports as a whole. As a student at Brock University for Sport Management, Oscar spends most of his days working with and analyzing the sports industry. From both the commerce and cultural aspects of sport organizations. In his free time Oscar watches, writes about, and talks about the Toronto Maple Leafs, the rest of the NHL, and hockey as a whole. Oscar takes an analytical approach when looking at players and teams. 

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