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New York Rangers Fined for Public Statement Earlier This Week

new york rangers fined

The New York Rangers have been fined $250,000 for comments made regarding George Parros and the Department of Player Safety. This comes after a major controversy surrounding the department’s perceived lack of urgency in addressing Tom Wilson injuring Artemi Panarin earlier this week. Wilson was fined only five thousand, the maximum allowable amount under the current CBA. The NHL’s public relations team released a statement on the matter late Thursday morning. This is one of the largest fines in league history and is much larger than then $100 thousand levied against the San Jose Sharks in 2013.

New York Rangers Fined

This situation has spiralled out of control. It could have been avoided entirely had the safety department addressed a situation where Wilson threw Panarin to the ice in such a manner that his head impacted the ice. This was after Panarin had lost his helmet in a scrum near the end of a period. Parros may not have felt that exceeded a threshold for violence, but Wilson’s actions have crossed the line to many in the hockey community. It is a black mark on a season that should be celebrated for many other things, including Connor McDavid‘s transcendent play.

The lack of suspension has come with two major things to happen beyond this fine. First, the Rangers fired two principal architects of the current rebuild. That is a huge blow to an organization that has built a very dangerous and young roster for the future. Second, it resulted in an ugly rematch where dozens of penalty minutes were handed out due to several fights. It was a game reminiscent of the goon era of hockey.

What This Means For The Future

This may signal the end of the brewing war between New York, Washington, and the league. The Rangers have stated their position, the league responded, and a rematch was played. We can’t predict what will happen next, but it’s likely no party wants this to escalate further.

The only thing that is safe to assume is that Rangers ownership may no longer support Commissioner Gary Bettman. The league’s current leader is nearing the end of his deal and may lack a significant supporter as a result of this situation. The NHL must either address the rules surrounding player safety or George Parros himself. It may be the only way to prevent further problems in the future.

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