Puck Talk Live Podcast: Episode 65 – NHL Trade Deadline Recap

NHL 2021 trade deadline

LWOS writers Logan Rosengard and Noah Foster, along with good friend Raffi Sarrafian, discuss news, updates, and more surrounding the most entertaining league in North America, the NHL! We post shows every Friday at noon CST, anywhere you get your podcasts. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, @pucktalklivepodcast

Puck Talk Live Podcast: Episode 65 – NHL 2021 Trade Deadline Recap


On episode 65, the boys are joined by two of the creators of “hockeycampfire” on Instagram, Jack and Alex! Along with Logan, Raffi, and Noah, the five break down the winners and losers of the NHL trade deadline. Starting with the winners, a few Central Division teams had a surprisingly good trade deadline. Both currently out of a playoff spot, these trades could make or break if these teams crack the top four.

Moving north, a Stanley Cup winner favourite made some depth acquisitions that could be the difference between a Cup win or an early exit. In the Eastern Division, a Stanley Cup contender made some early moves that only adds to their offensive firepower, and they didn’t disappoint on April 12th either. The boys agree that the real winner is the Seattle Kraken, with so many good options to choose from for their team.

However, there were a few losers of the trade deadline. The worst team in New York was certainly one of them. Losing star player Taylor Hall for essentially pennies was forced, but still a miserable loss. Multiple Western Division teams and the Nashville Predators are also losers for their lack of participation. There were opportunities, but the general managers of those teams decided it was not right. Make sure to check out next week’s episode for more hockey content and analysis!

Who are Logan, Raffi, and Noah? Put simply; they are three high school friends who bonded over their strong love for hockey, and decided to share their thoughts with the world via podcast. All three are die-hard Blackhawks fans, but Logan also cheers for the Hurricanes and Raffi also roots for the Bruins. You can find Logan and Noah’s articles on https://lastwordonsports.com/hockey/

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