The Last Word on Hockey Show: Lake Tahoe Games, Biggest Surprises and More

Lake Tahoe

Another week in the NHL means The Last Word on Hockey Show is back on the MAD Radio Network. Your host Jim Biringer from is back alongside Coach Jay and Marc Weiss. The boys take a trip around the NHL looking at the big stories of the week. This week they highlight the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Games, the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, Sidney Crosby 1000 games, and so much more.

The Last Word on Hockey Show

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Lake Tahoe Outdoor Games

Jim welcomes everyone back to another episode of the show. He opens the show talking about the Lake Tahoe Games between the Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden Knights along with the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins. The boys discuss what happened that led to the game being delayed and how the game how to be played later. And the game on Sunday was pushed back so the NHL did not have the same problem with the ice. Jim says it is a spectacle for the fans and sponsors and until fans stop buying tickets the NHL will continue to have these games.

Sidney Crosby 1000 Games

Jim transitions the show to discuss Sidney Crosby and his 1000 games played in the NHL. Marc and Jay agree with Jim that Crosby would have hit the mark years ago if it was not for lockouts, injuries, and the pandemic. Jim says Crosby is still one of the best in the game and always is looking to improve.

Biggest Surprises

The boys then discuss some of the biggest surprises in the NHL, good or bad. They mention the New Jersey Devils in the East Division. Their start has people talking despite losses in back-to-back games. Jim was impressed by how well the Devils came out of their 16-day layoff. If Mackenzie Blackwood keeps up this play he could be up for the Vezina Trophy. Another team the fellas were impressed with was the Chicago Blackhawks. Nobody thought they would be doing this. Coach Jay brings up Kevin Lankinen and his play. All agree if the Blackhawks make the playoffs Patrick Kane should be in the Hart Trophy conversations. Other teams they were impressed with were the Florida Panthers and Los Angeles Kings.

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The boys close the show talking about the Rangers, Alex Galchenyuk and his move to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Plus talk about the struggles of the Montreal Canadiens and so much more.


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