Puck Talk Live Podcast – Episode 57 – Surprising NHL Players

surprising NHL players
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LWOS writers Logan Rosengard and Noah Foster, along with good friend Raffi Sarrafian, discuss news, updates, and more surrounding the most entertaining league in North America, the NHL! We post shows every Friday at noon CST, anywhere you get your podcasts. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, @pucktalklivepodcast.

Puck Talk Live Podcast: Episode 57 – Surprising NHL Players


On episode 57, the podcast is back to full strength, with Noah rejoining after missing last week’s show. This week, the boys cover their top two most surprising NHL players so far this season. Starting in the West Division, Raffi brings up a rising star on the Vancouver Canucks, who has taken over the offence with Elias Pettersson in a scoring slump. Moving on to the Central, a veteran player making his new home on the Dallas Stars has been on a point-getting tear. In the East, a Philadelphia Flyers forward is quietly having the season of his career, and looking to secure top-six minutes.

Moving north, a Montreal Canadien in his sophomore season is looking to continue fueling his team’s success. Back to the Central for the last two: a goalie many thought would be in the AHL is making waves across the struggling Chicago Blackhawks. Finally, a forward on the Carolina Hurricanes with one of the coolest hockey names ever is having a breakout season. Make sure to check out the episode to see who fits these descriptions! Next week’s episode is all about offseason movement, stay tuned!

Who are Logan, Raffi, and Noah? Put simply, they are three high school friends who bonded over their strong love for hockey, and decided to share their thoughts with the world via podcast. All three are die-hard Blackhawks fans, but Logan also cheers for the Hurricanes and Raffi also roots for the Bruins. You can find Logan and Noah’s articles on https://lastwordonsports.com/hockey/

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