NHL Announces Additional COVID Protocols

NHL COVID protocol

After having their worse COVID-related week so far, the NHL has announced new preventative measures were added to their protocol. The new adjustments include the removal of the glasses behind the benches, new arrival time rule, locker room adjustments, and air filtration and air cleaning behind the bench areas.

NHL Announces Additional COVID Protocols

It was clear to the entire hockey community that the NHL needed to change its COVID protocols. On Wednesday, four teams added a total of 11 players to the NHL COVID Protocol List. Nine games were postponed from February 4 to February 9. Things got out of their control and it’s worrying. All eyes were on them while people waited to see what would happen next.

The league released a statement on Thursday regarding the new additions to the COVID Protocol. According to the NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, the league intends to make adjustments to its protocol according to the needs.

The new additions are all related to in-arena COVID Protocols and teams are already implementing making the necessary changes. The new protocols consist of the removal of the glass behind the benches to allow more air flow in the area; players and coaches are now allowed to arrive at the arena only one hour and 45 minutes before game-time; the teams will have to use or create additional locker room space to guarantee social distancing (to both home and visiting teams); and the usage of air filtration and air cleaning behind the bench areas.

The NHL also announced new changes and adjustments are to be made. They will continue to study and explore preventative measures that can be added to their protocol.

The Players’ Opinions on The New Protocols

Even when the new protocols are being adjusted to prevent new COVID cases to happen, a few players are not happy about the new adjustments. Mark Scheifele, from the Winnipeg Jets, expressed his opinions on the new arrival time rule during a pre-game interview on Thursday.

“I don’t think people understand the amount of work we put on to get ready for a game, mentally and physically. You’re getting prepped, we have all our meetings, all the things that we do to try and get our bodies ready for every single game. Especially with this tightened season,” Scheifele said. “We need more time to get activated, to get ready to play a game. Shortening that time is pretty insane if you ask me.”

According to the Winnipeg player, he didn’t know about the new adjustments until Thursday, when the NHL announced the new protocols.


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