2021 NHL Divisions To be Sponsored

2021 nhl divisions

On Tuesday morning, the National Hockey League announced they have partnered with corporate advertisers for the realigned NHL divisions during the 2020-21 season. Partnering with Discover, Honda, MassMutual, and Scotiabank for the season; with the 2021 NHL division partnerships, the league is doing everything they can to recuperate as much revenue as possible.

2021 NHL Divisons Partnerships

With the NHL losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to the pandemic; they have to do whatever they can to make up for the lost profits. The league thrives off gate receipts and jersey sales, with most of the teams not allowing fans. This makes perfect sense as a way to make money. As much as people don’t like to hear it, sports are a business at the end of the day. A league, any league from travel or high school all the way to juniors or the NHL, they have to be able to pay the bills somehow.

With the new 2021 NHL division partnerships, the league shows that when they want to, they can do what it takes to generate more revenue. With that being said, we will take a look at the 2021 NHL division partnerships and the teams involved.

The North Division will be the Scotia NHL North Division.

The West Division is now the Honda NHL West Division.

The Central Division is now called the Discover NHL Central Divison.

Last but certainly not least, The East Divison is now named the MassMutual NHL East Division.

NHL Preseason All-Divison Team Fan Vote

The league also announced they will now open the 2020-21 NHL preseason All-Divison Team fan vote (which they can find here.) With the lack of fans in attendance, this fan vote gives the NHL fans of the world something fun and engaging to take part in as the season begins. Starting today through January 11th, fans can select six players from each division team and share with anyone they would like.

What Happens Next

Looking towards the future, if the NHL and NHLPA decide to keep the divisional partnerships, they could have solved a major chunk of their financial issues. Now there will be NHL purists who say this is changing the game “too” much. Yet, the owners and players all have to do something to make money and keep the league afloat. Moving forward, if the division partnerships become a regular thing, the players will surely want a piece of the pie. As we continue to face the uncertainty of the future; this initiative proves that the NHL is willing to change and grow for the better.

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