NHL Rumours: Arizona Coyotes, Washington Capitals, Tampa Bay Lightning

NHL Rumours

The start of the new NHL season is getting closer and closer and NHL rumours are swirling. Many big-name free agents still remain available and franchises are still working to put together a roster that can contend for a title. The Arizona Coyotes are one such team as they could be looking to move a veteran forward. More information could be available about Washington Capitals goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. Finally, what can the Tampa Bay Lightning accomplish with Nikita Kucherov being placed on long term injured reserve? These will all be explored in this edition of NHL rumours.

NHL Rumours

Arizona Coyotes

Rumour: According to TSN’s Shawn Simpson, the Arizona Coyotes are in talks with the Ottawa Senators to move veteran centre, Derek Stepan.

Analysis: The Coyotes are in a bit of a bind. They are a team that barely qualified for postseason play last year in an expanded format. They also happen to be a team that spent to the cap. Those kinds of results are frequently frowned upon by ownership. So out with the old and in with the new, welcome to Arizona, Bill Armstrong. He has put the team into rebuild mode. This means shedding salary. Derek Stepan has been the subject of trade talks with the Ottawa Senators. This is a deal that could be mutually beneficial.

The Coyotes will want to get rid of Stepan’s $6.5 million salary cap. This puts them in a position where they are spending money more realistically to their performance. The Senators could benefit from bringing Stepan on board. He is a veteran who has been successful in the NHL and could mentor some of their young stars. The fact that he is only slated to make $5 million this season is critical to the Senators. In an already pressing time economically, Ottawa is one of the teams in need of cash the most. With Stepan making $1.5 million less than his cap hit, it is a move that makes sense for both sides.

Washington Capitals

Rumour: Capitals insider Stephen Whyno is reporting that Henrik Lundqvist‘s heart issue was known prior to signing with the Capitals.