Throwing Haymakers Podcast: The Saga Ain’t Dunn

Throwing Haymakers Podcast
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What happens when a Bruins fan faces off against two Maple Leafs fans? Intellectual discussion about all aspects of hockey, of course! Throwing Haymakers is a podcast started by Last Word on Sports writers Brandon Higley-Blair and Josh Erickson, as well as Mat Sheridan. Discussing everything from playoffs to predictions to pretty snipes, Throwing Haymakers provides a fresh, new view on the current state of hockey.

Throwing Haymakers Podcast Episode 23

Brandon, Josh, and Mat reconvene to break down the Seattle Kraken’s potential picks from the Central Division in next year’s expansion draft. The boys also give their quick reaction to a Jan. 13th start date for the season and some big WJC news.

The Central Division has a bevy of teams with some tough decisions to make. That starts with the Colorado Avalanche, who could be forced to leave a star forward unprotected due to their incredible defensive depth. They might be Seattle’s chance to get a top-line centre in the draft.

The Dallas Stars aren’t without effect either, as they’ll be losing a rather important piece from their run to the 2020 Stanley Cup Final. They have some nasty contract clauses to thank for that. And while some teams don’t have much to offer, there are still squads with enticing picks. The Nashville Predators are likely to present a quality depth piece to the Kraken. But the St. Louis Blues might take it a step further, leaving a perenially undervalued asset for the taking.

Expansion draft talk doesn’t completely dominate the episode today, however. There’s important news to discuss with the season reportedly starting on January 13th. There’s been some key losses this week to the United States’ World Junior Championship team. That tournament will rev up on Christmas Day, if everything goes according to plan. Listen to the pod to find out Brandon, Josh, and Mat’s picks for Seattle this week.

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