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NHL Teams’ Goal Songs In Need Of Change

NHL Team Goal Songs

A goal song is often very important to sparking an atmosphere in a hockey arena. The Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks have two of the best atmospheres in the sport, and both have very recognizable NHL teams goal songs. This is surely something that other teams want to match; something they could accomplish by changing their own goal song to something more fitting.

There are two reasons to change a goal song: the song is not very good or there is a song that makes more sense for the team. There are five teams that should most definitely change their song.

Click ‘Current Goal Song’ to be sent to the Youtube link of each team’s current song.

The Teams That Should Change Their Song

Buffalo Sabres

Current Goal Song

This one isn’t about the song being entirely bad. This one is more about there being a perfect song for the Buffalo Sabres to use. That song is “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses. It makes complete sense. “Sabres” is short for Sabertooth Tiger and the song is overall filled with hype. The current song isn’t all that great, and it definitely could be better. With what’s going on in Buffalo, the Sabres could use any sort of atmosphere boost. Upgrading the goal song might do that.

Carolina Hurricanes

Current Goal Song

This is probably one of the worst goal songs in the NHL. Not only is it not lively, it doesn’t really have a connection to the team. So you take the Carolina Hurricanes as the driving idea… very obviously a type of storm. In a storm, there is rain, lightning, and of course THUNDER. Thunderstruck by AC/DC is the perfect song for the Hurricanes. It is a great pump-up song and also has a great connection to the team; with a hurricane being a storm. For a team that is up-and-coming, a lively goal song would be great for the playoff runs this team will have.

Colorado Avalanche

Current Goal Song

This could be a personal preference, but the Colorado Avalanche goal song isn’t that exciting. For a team that has electric stars at the forward position, a song that fans can sing along too would be a good change. “We Will Rock You” by Queen would be a fantastic choice for the Avalanche. The song title fits the team well, the song is awesome and it has a good sports atmosphere feel to it. This team is going to be scoring a lot of goals for a while, so the fans deserve a song that isn’t annoying.

Los Angeles Kings

Current Goal Song

The Los Angeles Kings goal song is just overall very boring. There’s nothing that is really unique about it and that should not be the case for a team that has won two cups in the past decade. There’s been a lot of great artists and bands that have started in Los Angeles. One of the most famous of them all being Motley Crue. Their song, “Kickstart My Heart” happens to be a great hype song that the team could use. Plus the team is in the midst of a rebuild so a goal song change could be in the cards.

Washington Capitals

No Current Team Song

The Washington Capitals currently use individual songs for players. This is inexcusable considering hockey is a team game. The Capitals using any song for the entire team is a step in the right direction, but they should use “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” by Fall Out Boy. This song just has a hockey feel to it and the NHL has used this for the theme for the playoffs before. The Capitals just need a song that they use as a team. Any decent song will work at this point.

Bonus: Seattle Kraken

No Goal Song Yet

The Kraken, being the latest NHL expansion team, should be using a more modern song. A new team using a relatively new song makes a lot of sense as a lot of the people in Seattle will be new to hockey. They can go two routes: A Seattle artist or The Score. The first is tricky because most of Seattle’s famous artists/bands don’t produce songs that would be classified as goal songs. The one exception is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Using “Can’t Hold Us” wouldn’t be a bad option, but using The Score is honestly the better route to go. They have a plethora of songs to choose from including, “Legend” and “Glory”.

Here are a couple of concept goal horns for some of the songs mentioned above:


Can’t Hold Us

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