Boston Bruins Players Quarantined After Positive Covid 19 Test

Boston Bruins Covid 19

An unnamed Boston Bruins player is being quarantined by the NHL after testing positive for the coronavirus. The player received two follow-up tests that both came up negative but by protocols in place by both the league and local government say the player needs to stay quarantined.

Boston Bruins Covid 19 Scare

This news comes less than a week after the NHL allowed teams to continue optional workouts. Much of the league began on-ice practices on Monday as the NHL officially entered ‘Phase Two‘ of their return-to-play plan. But the worst-case scenario, a player testing positive, has already struck; leaving many worried this may be the writing on the wall.

Bruins general manager Don Sweeney commented on the matter in a video chat press conference on Friday. In it, Sweeney says that both quarantine and continuous follow-up tests are required by various protocols. The unnamed player will not be allowed anywhere near the team for the time being. The rest of the Bruins lineup will also have to be tested regularly now. In the video call, Sweeney also mentions “those players” that were within a “contact radius” of the player that tested positive, saying they are quarantined as well. While he didn’t explicitly state it, Sweeney seemed to acknowledge that multiple Bruins players are currently being held out of the Bruins facilities. With the Boston organization pleading a veil of generalization, nothing more has been overtly confirmed.

The players currently not with the team will be tested again next week per Sweeney.

Sweeney went on to say that the better-safe-than-sorry process that the Bruins are currently experiencing is going to be a league-wide system for now. He added that future developments could make things much safer but the league will need to cross that bridge when it comes. All of this precaution comes despite the player’s two follow-up negative tests, showing the league’s added layer of safety.

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